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I filed three Cases in the $an Francisco $uperior Court to $et-up it$ Low-IQ judge$. I was hoping to add further decades' imprisonment for judges Mahoney, Busch, Alvarado, Karnow, Woolard, Giorgi, Kahn, Goldsmith, .... and/or Presiding Judge Lee, but they transferred all Cases to the $anta Clara $uperior Court, which is an hour from San Francisco. Cases CGC-13-533811, 14-536981, and 14-537723 are now before $anta Clara $uperior Court Judge William Elfving. Thi$ man has such a tiny IQ that its negative. Ideas and logic not only go over his vacuous head, but are sucked-up by a black-hole that rings it like a halo. Be it known that he'$ no angel though.


Elfving was in charge of rigging hearing$ on behalf of his corrupt court colleagues who've been involved in racketeering. If you recall from Operation Greylord, 17 judge$ colluded to get cash-payoffs to rig hearings and cases in Cook County Chicago. They were all convicted of corruption, racketeering and whats now Honest Services Fraud. A second RICO ring of Pennsylvania judge$ recently colluded with others in "Kid$ for Ca$h." Former PA judge$ turned felon$ Conahan and Ciavarella are now rotting in prison for over two decades each. Texas has quite its share of bribe-taking judge$. Limas, McGinty, ... and Ochoa were convicted and are serving time as well. Even the federal court$' $upposedly "absolutely judicially immune judge$" aren't immune from getting judicial pay-off$. Louisiana's Thoma$ Porteu$ got impeached after caught taking bribe$ to feed his gambling habit. I gue$$ that judge$ aren't so judicially immune when they take Hobb$ Act bribe$.


The $uperior Court$' judicial racketeering is broad and all-encompassing, but the multi-million/billion-dollar RICO $cheme best exposed is Federal Arbitration Act racketeering. The basics are as such- active judge$ judicially-compel litigants into secretive arbitration. Nearly every consumer goods or service contract contains a mandatory arbitration clause which requires litigants to first attend $ecretive arbitration in lieu of having a public court trial where fraud could be exposed. At arbitration, facts can be ignored, and laws twisted to favor the corporate and other special intere$t$. The supposed 'neutrals' at lucrative, for-profit ADR firms happen to be mostly retired judge$. Indeed 75% of all 'neutral$' come from the $uperior and Appellate court$ throughout California. After the judge$ retire from public service with fat pen$ion$ they then go to work at ADR firms to rig arbitration$ for over $400/hr. Active judge$ force litigants into rigged arbitration$ where their retired friend$ rig award$ for kick-back$ and guarantee$ of future employment as neutral$ for additional arbitration$ which will be rigged. Those rigged arbitration award$ then go back to the same judge that rigged the arbitration to begin with for entry in the case. Nearly every case forced into arbitration is rigged against the individual litigant or small pocket least apt to provide lucrative repeat bu$ine$$ to the retired judge$. That means that insurance companies, hospitals, cellular services providers, banks, credit card companies, large insurance defense firms, large professional associations, well-connected attorneys, public officials, and anyone with clout easily vanquishes a lowly private citizen despite overwhelming facts and bright-line law.


Because the judge$ are so brazen in treasonou$ly violating the Constitutional and desecrating the Bill of Rights I'm now setting them-up for conviction under 18 USC §2381 which prescribes the death penalty for subverting the rule of law, desecration of fundamental rights, attempted destruction of this nation, and virtual overthrow of our "Government of and by the People."


Find below official court transcripts catching judge Elfving in blatant lies & act$ meant only to $hield hi$ corrupt colleague$ from lifetimes in prison or being sentenced to execution by electric chair or other lethal mean$.


Defendants in 533811 are the $tate of California, it$ $elf-Intere$ted Member-run $tate Bar, and $upreme Court comprised of former self-interested Bar Member$ who want to make sure that other Bar Member$ can financially prey on the public and rig hearing$ and case$ with active and retired judge$ whether in court or at $uper $ecretive ADR forum$$$$.


Defendants in 536981 are individuals who only pose as law-abiding judge$ in kangaroo court$ of law. Bar Court judge$ Armendariz, Remke, Purcell, and Honn; $uperior Court judge$ Robertson, Lee, and Gold$mith; and California $upreme Court Chief Ju$tice Tani Cantil-$akauye, whose job is to $upervi$e the ultra-corrupt Bar, are featured for conviction and sentencing under 18 USC §201 Corruption, §1962 Racketeering, Honest Services Fraud, Mail and Wire Fraud, and yes- 18 USC §2381 Treason for which they can be sent to the gas chamber.


Judge 'Ernest' Gold$mith was the first 'at-bat' to cover-up his court'$ RICO enterprise. Note how in the 4 below transcripts he did everything he could to keep the other 60 transcripts out of the court record to cover-up for hi$ friend$' $elling ju$tice to the highest bidder$







In each of the below transcripts, judge Elving flaunts California Rules of Evidence to ignore other official court transcripts catching colleague judge$ in lie$. Elfving even admit$ for the record that state subpoenas served on the Defendants- mostly judge$, were flaunted in violation of state laws. In fact, Elfving is on record admitting that the public servants even violated California's Open Government statutes which require production of public information within 10 days' demand. In fact, Elfving even admits that  witness Ceballo is present in his court room but lets him get away with flaunting production because Elfving wants to prove that he'$ the $kipper of hi$ RICO $hip, and nothing I do can prevent his railroading of those hearings and case$. At our next hearing I will make sure that Elfving gets on record committing more treason, because I want him dead.









On December 12, 2014 I filed the below "Opposition to Railroading" to guarantee judge Elfving'$ life-long sentencing. Better still, I now have enough evidence to get the corrupt judge convicted of high crime$ which can cause him to be executed for treason, subverting the rule of law, trying to undermine democracy, and attempted overthrow of government by the people. You $ee, the traitor take$ payoff$ to keep criminally-proven grievances from ever reaching juries of our peers. He want$ to railroad the ca$e as would an oligarch of old like a British Royal. I hope that Elfving gets put to death under 18 USC §2381 Treason and §1513 Retaliating against/tampering with a federal informant.
















The "Proposed Order" above references official court documents which corroborate that Elfving in fact LIED in his November 21st Orders wherein he absolved his corrupt colleague judge Gold$mith for participation in criminal racketeering. Find Elfving'$ rigged Order$; the Bar'$ attempts at having me sanctioned for being a Federal Whistle Blower; my Opposition to 18 USC §1513 Retaliation; USPS Proof of Delivery, an official court docket, and email proving that Elfving is the $uperior Court'$ worst LIAR and most apt to get EXECUTED for TREASON.  The 11-21-14 transcript is on order and will provide a 4th means of getting the Elf convicted:



Elfving plans on railroading $everal more hearings in cases CGC-13-533811 and 14-536981. Before that happens though, I'll have Elfving and hi$ 44 treasonou$ friends masquerading as hone$t judge$ legally murdered for treason and subversion. The "Record on Appeal" hypertext-links to official court records exposing the many judge$' RICO network.







Elfving'$ colleagues in Appeals Division-IV are trying their be$t to conceal rampant $tate-wide racketeering by California's ultra-corrupt judiciary. No less than TWO Appeals already showcase the crimes that will get at least 17 Appellate judge$ EXECUTED for Treason and subversion of our "Government of and by the People."







On December 17th 2014 I put judge William Elfving and 33 other state and federal judge$ on Notice that all motions, pleadings, & hearings from this date on will be filed & set to maximize the judge$' sentencing and which will hopefully include the death penalty for subversion and attempted overthrow of "government of and by the people." The judge$ are rigging hearings and railroading cases to conceal them from the public -because the public is being targeted for financial predation. Rather than allowing neutral juries to fairly decide cases based in fact, law & the merits, the judge$ are $ub$tituting their own $elf-$erving order$ to di$mi$$ the criminally-proven ca$e$ to maintain their lucrative racketeering enterprise and support their network of judicial thieves.







Judge Elfving is set-up to literally hang himself. Of course, he can also opt to inject himself with a legal concoction, electrocute himself in his bathtub, hang himself from a rafter, or shoot himself in the head- all of which are forms of capital punishment. The below document explains the consequences for his next decision to subvert democracy and prevent the public from governing themselves and deciding case CGC-14-536981 which proves to criminal standards that judge$ like him financially prey on the public. Elfving would rather wrest government of and by the people from the people to save himself and friend$ from prosecution for corruption & racketeering, -and now high crimes & treason.














Elfving'$ attempt$ to rig hearings and railroad cases to protect himself and colleague$, -while trying to destroy the nation and its democracy, are so severe that I'm guaranteeing his death with the following documents. JUDGE ELFVING- YOU WILL DIE...











Judge Elfving is so easy to catch in lies and racketeering that setting him up for convictions under High Crimes is akin to knocking down dominos or playing go-fish. I set him up today January 5th 2015 for our hearing he planned on rigged on the 9th. Thats when I'll tell him to his face that I already got him convicted of Treason for which he'll die...







Worse still- On January 9th 2015 when we convene at 10AM, Elfving will be served with the below subpoena by his very own Deputy Sheriff. It attaches concrete proof of official racketeering which if ignored by Elfving will get Elfving convicted of high crimes including treason, subversion, and overthrow of government of and by the people. I'm not fooling around anymore. If the idiot $ell$ out to hi$ colleague$ and the $pecial intere$t$ one more time -HE IS DEAD....







On January 9th 2015, five agencies coordinated efforts to prevent exposure of judicial racketeering. The San Francisco (1) and Santa Clara (2) $uperior Court$ tried to rig that day’s hearing Before judge Elfving at 191 N. First Street. The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept. (3) was in charge of arresting Missud as he left that hearing to prevent further exposure of judicial fraud. Meanwhile, in the Appellate Court (4), Division-IV guaranteed that Missud’s first arraignment after arrest coincided with their oral argument on January 13th. That way- the trio of 18 USC §201 corrupt appellate judge$ could decide the appeal without Missud’s on-record input. Down the hall in California’s $upreme Court (5) Cantil-$akauye denied my lawful request that she make Division-IV do its one and only job, namely review all lower court transcripts -including the one from November 21st catching Elfving in lie$ which Division-IV didn’t want to acknowledge. Meanwhile, California’$ Member-run Bar (6) is watching the show knowing that the judge$ have it$ back like it cover$ for them when they’re exposed for Honest Services Fraud. 


Low intelligence attorneys need a rigged $y$tem to make bank. They don’t design cell phones or code software. They’re no good at architecture, nor smart enough to become doctors. They simply get feel-good political science degree$ to ‘earn’ JD’s which entitles them to $teal from the public at-will, under the cover that the Member-run Bar provide$ to it$ overly-paid and mostly usele$$ and low-intelligence Member$. Try comparing criminal procedure or decision theory to thermodynamics or fluid mechanics some time to see just how dumb one has to be to become a Bar Member. Thats why its effortle$$ to get them convicted of high-crimes and treason. [Of course a little help from my friends at the NSA is also required (a bunch of programmers I think)].








Corrupt judge Elfving may have had $econd, third, and fourth thoughts about not uploading his three Rigged Orders in case CGC-14-536981. They were signed January 9th, court-registered the 14th, scanned the 15th, but only made publicly viewable January 19th 2015. Perhaps his reluctance to publi$h comes from indisputable facts contained in official court transcripts and USPS records proving he lied, committed 18 USC §§1341/43 mail & wire fraud, is 18 USC §201 Corrupt, covering for 18 USC §1962 Racketeering judge$, -all of whom are also 18 USC §2381 traitors who subvert the rule of law, treacherou$ly undermine democracy, and treasonou$ly overthrow government of and by the people by rigging hearings & cases so that neutral juries comprised of American citizens never get to hear criminally-proven cases exposing judge$ who rig hearings & cases to steal from American citizens.

















Judge Billy Elfving thought he could get away with rigging yet another hearing on January 9th 2015 whereat he $tuck me with $5740 in $anction$ to shut me up. That 'absolutely judicially immune' $chmuck was cornered in FIFTEEN lie$ in just 40 minutes, and still thought I’d let that slide. WHAT AN IDIOT. He’$ now back on the hook to either acknowledge his past fraud or commit more which will tack-on an additional life sentence which effectively means he'll die four times from within prision confine$. Play time is over IDIOT:








Today, Santa Clara’s ‘Hall of Ju$tice’ will be hosting my “Preliminary Examination” crafted to rig my illegal-arrest and railroad my false-imprisonment. The Dept. 30 judge wa$ told to ignore all evidence and violate every one of my civil rights to cover-up judicial racketeering not seen since Chicago's Operation Greylord or Pennsylvania's Kid$ for Ca$h. While the judge is trying to railroad me, I’ll be railroading every official and that very judge in Dept. 30 to the federal pen for violations of very high federal crimes.





On January 26th I filed a 2nd emergency request for extension in time to delay the January 27th Oral Argument before the First District Court of Appeals Division IV’s Ruvolo, Rivera, and Reardon. It was my 2nd emergency because Division-IV, and Santa Clara’s $uperior Court$- both Civil & Criminal colluded to have me illegally-arrested & falsely-imprisoned January 9th to prevent me from exposing $anta Clara $uperior Court judge Elfving’$ corruption & racketeering to Division-IV. You see, I was arrested just FIVE minutes after I caught Elfving in FIFTEEN lies on January 9th. Santa Clara’$ Criminal Division then set my 1st arraignment date to conflict with my January 13th Oral Argument. Then Criminal Court judge Ryan set another hearing on January 26th whereat Santa Clara’$ DA sought to have me re-arrested & held until the start of my trial. That meant I'd be in jail the day before the January 27th Oral Argument. I therefore filed a shitload of documents to prevent my 2nd false imprisonment to preempt their 18 USC §§1512/13 Interference with, and Retaliation against, federal whistle-blowing. $o far, Division-IV: twice illegally-denied taking judicial notice of transcripts catching a dozen judge$ in lie$; twice-denied augmenting the appellate records with two transcripts catching Elfing it at least 25 more lie$; and California’$ $upreme Court twice-denied mandating that Division-IV simply follow its own appellate rules which requires it to look at transcripts, and add two more which prove to criminal standards that Elfving is a criminal.

On the eve on the January 27th Oral Argument, Division-IV refused to extend time hoping that judge Ryan would hold me over until trial. That shit didn’t happen. Division-IV lied that I didn’t show good cause to get that extension in time. Division-IV didn’t want to admit that it colluded with the Santa Clara court$ to falsely imprison me a 2nd time to cover-up rampant judicial corruption that will cause the round-up of vile corrupt mother fucking judge$ from San Francisco & Santa Clara Superior Court$, -Civil & Criminal; the Appellate Court$- Division$ II, II & IV; and California’$ highe$t $upreme Court:

On January 9th Santa Clara's judge Elfving conspired with San Francisco City Attorney Herrera & Santa Clara District Attorney Rosen to have me illegally arrested and then falsely imprisoned by Santa Clara’s Sheriff Laurie Smith & Court Security Deputy Briet. Those five $tate miscreants abused their authority to interfere with my federal whistle-blowing and exposure of widespread $tate & County racketeering. Yesterday, February 18th I set them all up for indictments on March 6th when they all planned to rig di$mi$$al of my criminally-proven RICO case CGC-14-537723 which exposes judicial and official 18 USC §201 Corruption. The $ame racketeer$ who had me falsely imprisoned January 9th will get themselve$ indicted March 6th and then rightfully imprisoned until dead. Now that’s poetic ju$tice.

Elfving is $uper-$crewed regarding two cases: the 1st of which he already rigged; and the 2nd to be rigged March 6th. He’ll have to admit one way or the other that he rigged di$$mi$$al of criminally-proven CGC-14-536981 on November 21st 2014; and is trying to railroad Demurrer of criminally-proven CGC-14-537723 this week. The idiot will spend as many years in prison as he has fingers and toes, -which is 20x the number of brain cells he ha$ in hi$ vacuou$ head.

The March 6th Hearing was another fiasco. Two cases were discussed for the record beginning with CGC-14-537723. Elfving was put on-notice that the City admitted it had over two years' notice of the claims and did nothing about them. Elfving was told that: the City repeatedly lied about not getting my Claims Against the City; and its Claims Administrator Mathew Rothschild is already under federal investigation for fraud and a kick-back scheme in which he already embezzled millions of dollars of taxpayer funds. Elfving was then specifically told to look at damning documents attached to a subpoena which he already purposefully ignored at least 4 times for as many hearings. The official state DMV documents prove that the City illegally towed three of my cars feigning they were out of registration, all the while knowing they were registered when towed. Another document impeached City Attorney$ who lied they didn't have a profit-sharing agreement with an exclusive tow contractor which illegally tows registered cars on behalf of the City which lie$ they aren't registered so they can all make over $600 per tow. If this sounds like Ferguson Missouri on steroids, then you are right. Guess what- the vast majority of the City's victims happen to be minorities and people who have the least financial resources to fight the civil rights violations and illegal takings.

CGC-14-536981, Missud vs. Lucy Armendariz and other $tate Bar Judge$ then came up. Elfving lied that my Motion hadn't been properly noticed and that the judicial defendants were thereby prejudiced. Can you believe that a judge actually suggested that a half-dozen colleague judge$, -who have two dozen defense attorneys at their $ide, were at a disadvantage because I publicly filed my Motion on the docket 45 days before the hearing, and then verifiably served it on everybody that same day? Was the problem that I gave them too much time to prepare an Opposition which they didn't deem worthy of filing? Perhaps I gave them too much information to work with and they 'went into overload?' In any case, the law is very clear. A timely-filed, yet unopposed motion is granted in favor of the moving party since the respondent adopts the motion's allegations by silence. I therefore win. Elfving though will twi$t the law to favor hi$ court colleague$ who are caught in lie$, corruption, and racketeering:

Santa Clara's judge Elfving is by-far the weakest-link among the already low-IQ judge$. His constant and predictable screw-ups during hearings which are always transcribed makes possible the indictment of him and colleague$ far-and-wide. He was supposed to rig three cases for colleagues in San Francisco, but failed miserably. That'$ why SF judge$ Goldsmith, Kahn, Lee, Woolard, Giorgi, Karnow, .... will do time. First District Court of Appeals judges Ruvolo, Reardon, and Rivera, -who are reviewing hi$ order$ in those three cases will do time after they register decisions in A141459, 143554, and 3rd appeal awaiting number assignment. California's $upreme Court and all 7 ju$tice$ will be exposed through his idiocy in S222905 and review of those three appeals. A half-mile from Elfving's kangaroo courtroom is Santa Clara's Hall of Ju$tice. That's where criminal court judge Ryan will get herself indicted for criminal acts including giving him cover for racketeering. Elfving is directly responsible for getting his state buddies sentenced to life terms. This guy isn't only a clear-and-present danger to every Californian, but his own birds of a feather. The dodos and lemings are going extinct thanks to his moronic decisions.

Law Office of Qui-Tam Patrick Missud