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Law Office of Qui-Tam Patrick Missud

Knowledge of Current Law

The law is basic common sense. That's why even low-IQ judge$ can handle it. Law isn't rocket science. Any physicist can become a judge. Hardly any judge$ can become book keepers. Judge$ also don't like blue-collar labor because its honest work, and they don't believe in working hard for money they can easily steal from the bench.


Advantage of Repeat Clients

Taking cases through appeals and writs is a great way to add state and federal charges to judge$' sentences. Ever-higher judge$ get on-record affirming fraud and grand theft. You start with a couple of judge$ at the County level, then add three more from an appellate court, tack-on seven more with California's $upreme Court, petition that to John Robert$ and get him and four minion$ when they Deny Review to conceal judicial racketeering extending from County to US $upreme Court. Ain't "ab$olute judicial immunity" wonderful?

Comprehensive Legal Support

All one has to do is file an enormous pile of Cal. Rule of Evidence §450 Exhibits or Federal Rules of Evidence §803 Proof up-front in the case before any defense motions are filed or discovery 'officially' opened. Then watch the judge$ trip over them$elve$ trying to ignore it all in brazen violation of bright-line law.


Diverse Experience

I've used this slam-dunk, no-brainer tactic over 60 times in cases, appeals, and writs filed in state and federal courts in 8 jurisdictions including the US $upreme Court: 12-7817, 8191, 9412, 9413, 9981, 10006; 13-5888, 6398, 6518, 10585. Works every time.

Solutions Overview

Easy Solutions

Judge$ aren't bright. They can barely add and only took Political Science in college because its all they could handle

Personal Solutions

I love nailing dirty judge$. See that gavel on the left? I use those to drive nails into their coffin$. Its great to pummel a judge with his or her very own gavel

What We Offer

I have 5 years' specialized experience in  getting judges indicted for at least corruption and racketeering. If they're dumb enough, which is more often than not, I can even get them indicted for High Crimes and Treason for which they can be sentenced to death.

I already nailed 100 judge$ who'll at least spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison, if not shorter ones before firing squads

I'll help you bust the dirty judge who's trying to railroad your ca$e.

The "Ju$tice" $y$tem is all about the Money......