Yesterday’s 6/17/16 Hearings/Motions for: Attorney Withdrawal; Attorney Substitution; Continuance; and to conduct a rigged Preliminary Examination were a real fiasco. Ranks-closing Judge Shapero ordered parts of the transcript sealed, and others not. “Sealing” is court-code for hide the facts from the public because they evince judicial case-rigging & intentional violation of law.

Sealed Transcript-
            Shapero desperately wanted to violate the 13th Amendment & promote the involuntary servitude of Missud’s private Attorney who stated he couldn’t vigorously defend Missud for various reasons including ongoing federal whistle-blowing. I agreed with my Attorney and wanted him off my case because it’s a political hot potato that would cause any private attorney to get black-listed by any and all Santa Clara judges like Shapero. Obviously if my own Attorney admits he doesn’t want to commit professional suicide, and says he won’t provide me with a vigorous defense, I want another attorney.
            For at least 30 minutes Shapero downplayed Attorney’s concerns & statements to keep him on the hook as Missud’s Attorney of Record. Shapero even coaxed Attorney to say he had a doubt as to my mental competence so he could suspend criminal proceedings a secong time and further conceal the underlying facts in this case which I’m happy to testify about. Shapero’s transparent ploy was to railroad the Preliminary Hearing for which Attorney hadn’t filed any Opening Brief in Missud’s non-existent defense. On the other hand, Assistant District Attorney Boscia was ready to forge-ahead with his single-sided prosecution along with Malicious Prosecutor Jeffrey “Mike Nifong” Rosen. He’s a real pro at fabricating evidence and suppre$$ing official court documents proving judge Elfving’s corruption & racketeering to criminal standards.

Public Transcript-
            Shapero first touted his 37 years’ experience as a retired Santa Clara criminal court judge who only "knew" of case-rigging judge Elfving -who maliciously initiated trumped-up criminal case C1502123 -over which ranks-closing Shapero now presides & wants to rig for his buddy. Silicon Valley Carnegie-Mellon graduate Missud -with a Masters in Engineering, was unimpressed that Shapero graduated with a humanities degree and then became a holier-than-thou judge based on a popularity contest between similar mental-incompetents who can’t count without taking their socks off.
            Shapero then “reluctantly” allowed Attorney to withdraw from being enslaved in violation of the 13th Amendment and then continued other hearings for a 1:30PM session. In the afternoon, an Alternate Public Defender attended at Shapero’s request to see if that independent office could provide Missud with defense. That was a GREAT idea especially since last year I asked for an Alternate Public Defender to replace my first biased Shill/Public Defender Bedolla who was hand-picked by case-rigging judge Ryan to illegally waive all my 4th & 6th Amendment rights: a jury trial before neutral peers; cross examine witnesses; not have hearsay rules waived; due process; equal protections; …; and to be free from habeas corpus which Bedolla rigged with judge Ryan on 9/4/15 to interfere with my federal whistle-blowing exposing Elfving’s high-crimes. See how this works? First Elfving lied to rig three civil cases; then Ryan covered that up by colluding with her hand-picked PD Bedolla to waive all my rights and rig a bench trial to have me convicted; and then Shapero conceals how the first two judges closed-ranks to save each other from federal indictment for rigging hearings & cases just like now federally-convicted judges Ciavarella & Conohan.
            I interviewed with the APD who seems far better than Bedolla and then agreed to be formally referred to that office for defense. Thereafter, Jeff “Nifong” Rosen’s surrogate immediately demanded that either: pricey bail be ordered; or I be remanded into custody because I had the audacity in filing my own Opening Brief in my own defense after my Attorney already motioned to withdraw and hadn’t prepared any pleadings for that day’s Preliminary Hearing which Shapero desperately wanted to railroad. Shapero then admonished me for sending those pleading to Rosen and himself by email & tracked USPS mail apparently because defendants like me aren’t allowed to have any defense whatsoever in Santa Clara’s kangaroo courts. We’re all supposed to get railroaded at corrupt judges’ whims.
            The last thing case-rigging, high-crimes-committing, low-IQ, 37-year former Santa Clara Superior Court judge Ken Shapero did was THREATEN 6-Year Federal Informant/Qui-Tam Relator & High-Tech Engineer Missud with a 3rd round of habeas corpus in violation of 18 USC §§1512/13 & CCP §§136.1. Those codes & statutes proscribe using force or fear to interfere with state/federal informants exposing crimes to law enforcement, or testifying about the same in court like I'm trying to do in C1502123.

            Now see the official: Minute Order setting the next rigged hearing for 7/12/16 at 1:30PM; and 6/13/16 Master Calendar listing how criminal proceedings were suspended on 1/26/15 by case-rigging Ryan to bury evidence of Elfving’s rairoading of 3 civil cases. All that is now being buried by ranks-closing Shapero because that’s what corrupt court $y$tem$ do to maintain their RICO network of subversive judges who throw constitutional rights out the window as if they haven’t been guaranteed for 230 years. You simply can’t make this shit up.

Felon/Judge Ryan is so desperate to stop my federal whistle-blowing that she’$ violating the most fundamental of fundamental rights- habeas corpus. There are no worse crimes a judge can commit than falsely committing a citizen to prison or other confinement under color-of-law. Ryan lost all jurisdiction over my case since I filed several Notices of Appeal that completely divested her of power. She'$ even financially-conflicted to the tune of $100 Million in my Civil Rights suit she just filed a Demurrer in to evade justice. Yet $he still tries to maintain control over my case to imprison me as if the USA were the DPRK. $he even roped-in $upport $taff to a$$i$t her in high crime$ just like happened in the original Operation Greylord wherein 17 judge$ like Ryan were rounded-up for corruption.

I want Ryan destroyed as any subversive traitor who tries to destroy this nation, its people, and fundamental rights. I therefore filed the below pleading to secure Ryan’s legal-execution. I want her dead for acting like a Nazi and attempting to revive the Third Reich in my back yard. She’s a clear and present danger to every defendant who’s marched into her kangaroo court by the SS troops who double as her court bailiffs & sheriffs. Most of the defendants who Ryan convicts are black & brown. If she railroaded my case, then what chances do they have? Like Hitler, racist Ryan has some sort of Final Solution in mind. She already set the wheels in motion and routuinely falsely-imprisons brown & black men to fuel her criminal ju$tice $y$tem.  Since a racist case-rigging judge should never be in a position of power, I’ll stop her with the help of federal authorities….

High-Crime$-Committing Judge Ryan invited me back for another railroad ride on August 3rd. She wanted to prove how fundamental rights don’t exist in her kangaroo court which more resembles Pyongyang than a fair and neutral court of law. For two more hours she ignored all my rock-solid evidence and easy impeachment of two psychologists with their own words. Low and behold, Ryan based her decision on their lie$ because that’s how $he wanted to rig my Trial. By simply declaring me “incompetent” she could ignore over a dozen transcripts catching her colleague judge Elfving in over 3 dozen lie$$$$. Also $ee page 55 where shill Bedolla reiterates how she already threw me under the bus and formally waived jury rights to conceal judicial racketeering. Bedolla also waived the Hearsay Rules so that two fraudulent Reports could be admitted into "evidence" without cross-examining the pair of lying Psychologists who rigged them for Ryan. Thi$ rig wa$ in!!

After Ryan ignored all evidence like official court transcripts at the Marsden Hearing to conceal her colleague’s criminal acts which include: rigging every hearing to di$mi$$ three cases for $pecial intere$t$; and ordering sanctions against me for exposing judicial corruption not seen since 17 judges were convicted in Operation Greylord, Ryan held a June 19th meeting whereat the shill she picked as my Public Defender gave her sole authority to decide the case outside the view of the public and without a neutral jury of my peers. Talk about Banana Republics!

The Marsden Hearing was very revealing. I first revealed how Ryan picked my Public Defender Jennifer Bedolla to torpedo my case. Then I revealed how all Bedolla did was try and $uppre$$ my self-authenticating evidence. Finally, I detailed all the judicial racketeering with official government records like: USPS confirmed-deliveries of tracked packages judges lied were never received; and transcripts specifically showing how Ryan’s colleague and friend judge Elfving ignored dockets and asked a defense attorney about the best way to rig a case. After about 3 hours’ court reported testimony, Ryan revealed herself as Elfving’s co-conspirator, co-racketeer, and treacherous judge who needs to be sentenced under 18 USC §2381 for Treason

On June 17th 2016, ranks-closing judge Ken Shapero has no choice but to conceal how all of Santa Clara’s judges are either: just as racist as Ferguson’s Ronald Brockmeyer, or as accommodating to elite, white, Stanford swimmer/rapists like Brock Turner as evinced by Santa Clara’s very own judge Aaron Persky. Shapero has to conceal how Santa Clara has two systems of injustice: the 1st for poor misunderstood, horny, white boys with stiffies; and the 2nd for “niggers, spics, and flips” who get really stiff sentences for far less crimes than raping women. Now see the documents that case-rigging, ranks-closing Shapero will ignore to help convict a civil rights attorney who still believes that everyone –even the “niggers, spics, and flips” who Santa Clara’s neo-Nazi judges prey upon, have equal protections under the laws…

Since Ryan and her equally as corrupt $tate colleagues closed ranks and are colluding to falsely imprison me a 2nd time on 9/4/15, (and to bury my mounds of evidence proving 18 USC §201 Judicial Corruption) I asked the 9th District to issue an Emergency Injunction. The problem however is that I need to submit it for “Pre-Filing Review” to corrupt judge Al$up whom I already caught up to his neck in lie$ and rigging four case di$mi$$al$ for the $pecial intere$t$ including the mighty & wealthy NRA. Let$ $ee if corrupt judge Al$up comes to my defense and honors my fundamental rights to: due process, not getting railroaded, not getting falsely-imprisoned, and not being the subject of habeas corpus in just 3 days because my job is to expose rampant, brazen, and crystal-clear judicial corruption for the FBI & federal DOJ.

Ryan plans on violating all my civil & criminal rights on June 12th 2015 in her Dept-30. $he then hopes to commit Habeas Corpus and railroad more of my false-imprisonment to save her judicial racketeering network. $he wants to keep all her corrupt judicial colleagues in their lofty positions of public trust so they can steal from the public at-will. JUDGE$ LIKE RYAN HAVE TO BE EXECUTED AND PUT TO DEATH FOR TREASON otherwise America will cease to exist. Judge$ like her, Elfving, and even John Robert$ ignore all laws, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights to allow North Korea style imprisonment of people who get in their way to $teal money from 318 Million unsuspecting non-corporate people. I’m attending today’s June 12, 2015 hearing to guarantee that Ryan goes to prison until dead, and/or is executed for treason, and overthrow of democracy & government. We are just one step away from Hitler's Germany.

Judge Ryan de$perately wanted to rig my April 8th Hearing but I piped up telling her that Public Defender Jennifer Bedolla, -who Ryan hand-picked to help her rig my case, wasn’t defending me. Rather Bedolla installed track$ for Ryan’s train to run me down. In the below transcript, isn’t it cute how at page-2 Bedolla waives my right to a jury trial because a neutral jury of my peers would instantly know the judge$ were covering-up each other$’ racketeering. For instance: civil court judge$ take kick-back$ to rig cases and compel railroaded arbitration$ for deep pocket$ & corporation$; while criminal court judge$ condone padding Informations to $teal bonds from mostly minority ¢itizens. Ryan herself is part of the ultra-corrupt, money-making machine that bring$ in million$ for $anta Clara County which employs District Attorney Jeffrey Ro$en to pad 'Booking Charges' with bogu$ charge$ meant only to illegally raise revenue and extort money from accused citizens’ families who pay the extortion to regain their loved-ones’ freedom. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE RAGE that will resonate from coast to coast when minorities, -nearly half the nation, learn the judiciary falsely imprisons them for the $ake of extorting ca$h to make municipal payroll$ like paying for Police Officer$ & Sheriff Deputies who arrest people to pay for their own bloated $alarie$$$$? FUCKING FUCKING outrageou$$$$$!!! Now check-out Bedolla’s crystal-clear collusion with Ryan in the official court transcript that doesn't lie like treasonou$, treacherou$, seditionist, and better-off-dead judge$….

Law Office

Law Office of Qui-Tam Patrick Missud

Ryan’s judicial corruption & honest services fraud is so well proven that I’m using her documented crimes to set-up California’s judge-run Commi$$ion on Judicial Performance. The CJP is a very $elf-intere$ted commi$$ion that ensures that judge$ like Ryan get lots of cover while they skew their order$ or $ell them to $pecial intere$t$ & corporation$. Whenever a complaint is filed with the CJP, it$ quickly swept under the rug so that ju$tice can continue being sold to the highe$t bidder$$$$. Corporation$, well-connected attorney$, deep pocket$, and even government official$ know they can buy a judge’s order and that the judge will defend on ‘ab$olute judicial immunity’ even if ‘investigated’ by the do-nothing CJP. The $y$tem it totally rigged from start to finish. Now see my criminally-proven Complaint naming Ryan that was first ‘filed’ with the U.S. DOJ’s Criminal Division for Case #JL300472524 that was specifically opened to document judicial corruption exactly like Ryan’$:

Wouldn’t you know it, on August 28th a clerk in Ryan’s $uperior Court changed the status of my proper & legal Notice of Appeal from “filed” to “received.” It seems that Ryan'$ Hall of Ju$tice picks and chooses which Orders are appealable and when. If the case is actively being rigged by a subversive judge like Ryan who regularly eradicates fundamental rights of the accused, then no orders are appealable- even final ones following railroaded trials like happened on August 3rd. As a matter of fact, Ryan wants to finally rig results in C1502123 this Friday September 4th which is why $he asked her clerk to lie that the NOA wasn’t yet ripe for filing.

On August 25th $editiou$ judge Ryan, -who incarcerates mostly minorities because their false-imprisonment & color-of-law habeas-corpus funds retired judge$’ & deputies’ pen$ion$, invited me back to her Dept. 30 kangaroo-court. At 11AM that morning I filed my as-of-right Notice of Appeal in the case which divested her of jurisdiction while the case is under appeal. Ryan though is completely lawle$$. Not only does $he think she’s above the law, but can even write it. $he ignored the NOA to further railroad my false-imprisonment and ordered me to “Interview” with Dr. Doug Johnson. He like 3 prior doctors are helping Ryan railroad my “incompetency” to conceal rampant judicial racketeering in Santa Clara’s civil & criminal court$. Since Ryan ordered me to that Interview, I prepared the following synopsis of what was said to put Dr. Johnson on the spot and his medical license on the chopping block. My federal colleagues have of course been notified along with California’s Attorney General who’s done nothing but watch the crystal-clear $tate racketeering…

To prevent exposure of all their judicial corruption & racketeering, and higher crimes of subversion & overthrow of government of and by the people, the judge$ colluded to have me arrested immediately after a hearing whereat I caught a first judge- William Elfving in brazen lie$. They then set a criminal arraignment date to scuttle two other state actions including an oral argument before Appeals Division-IV's Ruvolo, Reardon, and Rivera. Those three already violated bright-line law by refusing to: do their one-and-only job- to review official court record$; and augment the record with the November 21st 2014 transcript catching Elfving in yet more lie$. What bull$#!t. Find below my Inmate paperwork, and Records Unit Request Form which demands a Transcript that MUST BE PRODUCED by the County of Santa Clara. Failure to produce will prove that Santa Clara's Sheriff'$ Dept. colluded with judge Elfving to illegally arrest me because I'm a five-year federal mole who's exposing rampant judicial corruption like Elfving'$$$.

The Records Demand was faxed to three Sheriff Divisions: Records, Administration, and Sheriff Laurie Smith; emailed to; and message was left with Investigations: 408-299-8890. If the records aren't produced in-time for my January 13, 2015 arraignment, I will immediately ask for a dismissal.

I bailed-out of County at 3AM Saturday morning. By 7AM I started filling-out paperwork to get two transcripts: the 1st for the 40 minute hearing convening before Elfving and to be produced by court reporter Jeanie; and the 2nd for the 30 minute Interrogation to be produced by the Sheriff’s Dept. The Sheriff denied my lawful request claiming that I wasn’t a victim. However, the above paperwork clearly states that I’m a “victim” of “false imprisonment” and retaliation for having exposed judge Elfving in his own court where he again lied for the official record. Jeanie on the other hand produced the hearing transcript in record time, and with flying colors- red, white, and blue. My Uncle Sam is so happy with her work that he’s thinking about throwing her a party after Elfving is thrown in jail. 

If you want the quick answer, then click on the next button below. Elfving didn’t want to admit to: receiving documents; his own words in the November 21st transcript; that an official docket was doctored; that colleague Goldsmith also lied in yet another transcript; adhere to California Rules of Evidence which codify he has to acknowledge court transcripts; take judicial notice of his own words in a variety of transcripts; let me testify about the true under-lying reasons for quickly di$mi$$ing that very case; admit that a hearing date was motioned for per a 2nd official docket; admit that he’d already allowed City Attorney Ceballo to contemptuously flaunt law in his own Dept. 3; recognize his own statements made in prior proceedings; agree that 10-day demands for public information were flaunted by Ceballo for over 180 days; admit that Missud could start discovery under Sunshine Ordinances rather than through subpoenas; …

On January 9th 2015, the City and Counties of San Francisco and Santa Clara bought themselves a pair of $100,000,000 Abuse of Authority, Illegal Arre$t, False Imprisonment, and Deprivation of Civil Rights $uit$. Not five minutes after I impeached mental-moron judge Elfving in his own courtroom -using his own rigged rules, he had me arrested. Can you imagine the nerve of a dopey $tate judge having a 5-year National Security Agency inside-attorney/mole thrown in prison because his job is to get chatter going between idiot-judge$ who don’t know their being tapped for five years? Good Grief!

Find below an IFP "In Forma Pauperis" document to be concurrently filed with my $100 Million Civil Suits. It provides just a few details that the feds already have in their files to indict around 150 judge$ for high crimes. I'm filing this IFP to put yet another low-IQ Santa Clara judge on the spot to either: ignore the rock-solid contents to further judicial high-crimes; or 'out' $ome corrupt colleague$. Either way- I fucking win.

No le$$ than $even $tate/County agencie$ and organization$ conspired on January 9th to have me illegally arrested. $an Francisco's City Attorney, which was present and made an appearance at the hearing at around 10:20AM, arranged with Santa Clara's judge Elfving to commandeer Santa Clara's Sheriff Department to first illegally detain me, and then illegally arrest & imprison me after a 30 minute interview during which I informed Deputy Breit (#1997) that I was a federal mole whose job that day was to get Elfving further-indicted for high-crimes and subversion. My false imprisonment was exactly what the San Francisco $uperior Court also wanted because it$ judge$ operate a RICO network that does anything from rigging federally-mandated arbitrations under the FAA, to railroading Traffic Court hearing$ at the 'Hall of Justice.' After my 'booking,' the Sheriff and Santa Clara DA $et my first arraignment at nearly the same time as my pre-scheduled Oral Argument before Appeals Division-IV whereat I was going to expose judge Elfving's prior lie$ and feeble attempts to cover-up for some treasonou$ San Francisco $uperior Court colleague$. Also coincidentally on January 9th, California'$ $upreme Court denied my uber-lawful CAR Rule 8.155 Motion to Augment Division-IV'$ Appellate Record with the genuine November 21st 2014 court transcript catching Elfving in blatant lie$ which are the central issues under appeal in A141459. That'$ $even $tate/County agencie$ & ultra-corrupt court$ right there!! My friends at the National Security Agency had a field day with all the intercepts they got that day while I was sitting in my cold cell munching on a PB&J, and then hanging-out in County with some rather nice guys. Who would ever have known that there are nice guys in County?

Find below the TWO- ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR CIVIL SUITS naming the Cities & Counties of San Francisco & Santa Clara. After the feds raid tho$e two municipalities I'll drop the suits. However, I still want the official$' & judge$' head$ on $tick$. Both will be filed in-time for my January 23rd 2015 arraignment at 190 West Hedding Street in San Jose California. If the charges aren't immediately dropped at 13:30, then its B-K for two Silicon Valley jewel$. I'll serve my arraignment judge with the two Complaints and leave him or her a copy of the official January 9th 2015 court transcript catching Elfving in FIFTEEN lie$ to cover-up RAMPANT JUDICIAL CORRUPTION THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA:

Santa Clara’$ District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen doesn’t know that he’s already good-as-indicted & convicted for Honest Services Fraud, Corruption, and Racketeering. He had the chance to follow law but instead $ided with the $anta Clara $uperior Court and it$ gaggle of corrupt judge$ who rig hearing$ and railroad ca$e$ for kick-back$ and the $pecial intere$t$. As a co-conspirator, Rosen will now suffer their $ame fate$- decades behind bars. Today January 26th at 13:30 he has to produce documents and witnesses upon which and whom he based his bull$hit Protective Order on. Before he falsely imprisons me, I'll get hi$ $taff on-record getting them$elve$ indicted for at least federal corruption and racketeering.

Santa Clara’$ $uper-corrupt and $elf-intere$ted court want$ to cover-up judge William Elfving’$ corruption, racketeering, higher crimes, and treason. That’s why on January 26th, the court lied that my household income could meet expenses which now includes about $20,000 in fraudulent $anction$ Elfving ordered to interfere with my federal whistle-blowing, and $10,000 in bail and other damages he caused by having me illegally arrested and falsely imprisoned just five minutes after I caught the mother fucking traitor in FIFTEEN lies. That domestic terrorist,- who's worse than Al-Quada since he preys on his fellow Americans, now needs to be executed by lethal injection, gas chamber, electrocution, or other means for federal crimes including sedition, treachery, subversion, misprision of treason, and overthrow of government. Elfving’$ co-conspirator$: Sheriif Laurie Smith, Deputy Breit, DA Rosen, and possibly judge Deborah Ryan are also on the hook to answer similar federal charge$$$$:

Find below my Filed-Endorsed Mandatory Judicial Notice that Judge Elfving is a Felon. Elfving is trying to cover-up colleague$' racketeering and much higher crimes. He became a co-conspirator when I caught him in FIFTEEN lie$ just five minutes before he had me illegally arrested and falsely imprisoned. Elfving’$ lie$ on January 9th impact no less than 10 currently active cases, appeals, reviews, and writ: San Francisco CGC-13-533811, 14-536981, 14-537723, 15-543711; Santa Clara 115-cv-275919, C1502123; Bar Court 12-O-10026; 1st District Court of Appeal A141459 & A143554; and Supreme Court S222905. Elfving is now the ‘key’ to getting his colleague$ indicted. They have him to thank for their life term$....

On February 20th 2015 I guaranteed that yet another of Elfving’s colleague$ does hard time for helping him with his racketeering. $anta Clara Judge Patricia Lucas was planning on giving Elfving aid and a$$i$tance on March 6th at 9AM, just an hour before Elfving was to rig the 10AM hearing in and for case CGC-14-537723. Lucas will first require me to pay $450 to prosecute criminally-proven False Imprisonment & Abuse of Authority case 115-cv-275919 which Elfving caused; and Elfving will then di$mi$$ my criminally-proven RICO case 537723 which he tried to bury on January 9th by having me illegally arrested and falsely imprisoned just five minutes after I caught him in FIFTEEN lie$. I’ll have the two $tate judge$ $et-up for a decade in federal prison within a maximum of 90 minutes:

As predicted during the January 26th 2015 hearing for C1502123 [transcript for which will be ordered], on February 25th judge Ryan revoked my Pro-Per status and abused California PC §1368 to Disqualify me from representing myself. Ryan expressed a Doubt as to my mental competence but failed to state said Doubt in the record and as required by law. She immediately ordered that a Public Defender instead represent me because the PD won’t expose the rampant judicial corruption like I do. In fact, the PD desperately wanted me to stop making a tight record on the 25th. This will all be corroborated in the transcript. Ryan simply wants to stop me from putting more damaging evidence in the record which proves that $he’s rigging hearings in C1502123 to cover-up that colleague Elfving railroaded hearings in CGC-14-537723 and two other cases 13-533811 & 14-536981. My exposure of Elfving’s ultra-corruption is what friend & colleague Ryan is now covering-up. The judge$ have each other$’ back$.

Find below my lawful Requests for the 2/25/15 transcript catching Ryan playing lots of ‘hear, $ee, and $peak no evil’ regarding her $uper corrupt colleague and friend judge Elfving. $he didn’t want to read the three official court transcripts [10/3, 11/21/14; 1/9/15] catching Elfving in lies including that he didn’t get PDF copies of my Opposition electronically served on him, his clerk, Civil Dept., Trial Dept., and sent by Signature Confirmed #2313 2760 0000 0962 7301. The PDF’s were also copied to hundreds of other contacts -including feds for corroboration; and the USPS Proof of Delivery evinces the hard copy was positively delivered to Elfving’s clerk E. Ernesto on November 8th 2014 at 6:57AM. Elfving lied about not getting my Opposition because he wanted to rig di$mi$$al of my criminally-proven case CGC-14-536981.




Also know that Ryan didn’t even want to acknowledge her own criminal court records. I emailed and physically left copies of official County of Santa Clara “Inmate Booking Information” records evincing that my Bail jumped from $27,500 to a whopping $50,000 when the County of Santa Clara’$ judge$, -who rig hearings, heard I was about to bail-out. What’s even weirder, -the absolute statutory MAXIMUM of my bail set on January 9th should have only been $36,000 according to the Bail $chedule for the three trumped-up charges which were levied in retaliation for my whistle-blowing. The County of $anta Clara, it$ hearing-rigging court$, and case-railroading judge$ first illegally arrested me on January 9th at 10:45AM -five minutes after I caught Elfving in 15 lie$; then falsely imprisoned me by 12:30 because I exposed Elfving who's substituting his own corrupt orders for decisions that should normally be made by a neutral jury; and finally Ryan then covered all that up by ignoring simple math and that my bail violated the 8th Amendment [No excessive bail]. The Elfving-Ryan tag-team so far violated at least my rights to petition, due process, equal protections, privileges & immunities, fairness, right to a neutral tribunal, illegal search & seizure, habeas corpus, and excessive bail. Here are the official Santa Clara Bail Records proving I was excessively charged by $14,000 because I’m a federal whistle-blower whose job is getting judge$ like Elfving and Ryan indicted under federal code:

On February 26th I filed a Declaration and Mandatory Judicial Notice of official court documents that have to be acknowledged by a ring of corrupt judge$ doing all they can to prevent exposure of their judicial racketeering. Judge Elfving lied 15 time$ on January 9th to: rig that day’$ hearing for case CGC-14-536981; and railroad di$mi$$al of case 537723 on March 6th. Judge$ Ryan at the Hall of Ju$tice, and Luca$ at the Main Courthou$e are on notice that their colleague & friend already committed treason and wants to again perform sedition on March 6th. These are all high crime$ because Elfving is wresting government of and by the people -from the people when he rig$ hearing$ and railroad$ case$. Elfving, Ryan, and Luca$ want to financially target the public on behalf of the corporate and other $pecial intere$t$ to which they are beholden. The judge$ are selling decision$, subverting democracy, and overthrowing US government -and its 3rd branch which is supposed to be a "neutral" judiciary. 18 USC §2381 prescribes death for anyone who commits these crimes. Overthrow of Government is a capital offense which can send each and every one of them to California's gas chamber:

Not to leave well enough alone, just yesterday March 2nd I filed yet another pleading for March 25th’s Hearing to nail judge Ryan. On February 25th Ryan assigned a Public Defender to (not) defend me since she’ll neither put anything substantive in the record, nor provide any vigorous defense. Ryan silenced me by assigning me a mute from her corner. Neither the PD nor Ryan will let me get on-record for my own Hearing and to pre-empt my making any statements that would corner Ryan doing such illegal things as ignoring evidence she must by-law consider. The two of them will play “Hear, $ee, and $peak No Evil” to rig that hearing and railroad the trumped-up criminal case.

ATTENTION AMERICA- Any corrupt ‘absolutely judicially immune’ Civil Court judge like William Elfving can first have you illegally-arrested and then falsely-imprisoned if you expose that he rigs hearings and railroad case di$mi$$als to favor the $pecial intere$t$. Then any corrupt ‘absolutely judicially immune’ Criminal Court judge like Deborah Ryan can either have you imprisoned or otherwise committed if you expose that Civil Court judge$ like Elfving routinely sell orders to corporation$, the well-connected, and friend$ -and defend on ‘absolute judicial immunity’ when caught. THE ENTIRE JUDICIAL $Y$TEM I$ RIGGED FROM CIVIL TO CRIMINAL COURT $O GET U$ED TO IT.

Not to leave well enough alone- alone, on March 6th I filed yet another Pleading for March 25th’s Hearing to really nail judge Ryan. I explained to Ryan that her colleague Elfving was in a box and that he'd have to treasonously violate his oaths to abide by law and support the Constitution. I filed the Pleading with my Court-Appointed Public Defender [who won't defend me since she was court-appointed] as well as the District Attorney's Office and its prosecutors [who are giving aid and a$$i$tance to corrupt judge$ who appointed a do-nothing Public Defender to my case]. Ryan and both sides now have the Pleading. On March 25th if Ryan furthers Elfving'$ $cheme$ to cover-up rampant judicial corruption and racketeering which now even includes my false imprisonment for being  a federally-protected whistle-blower, $he can ki$$ her $orry a$$ goodbye since she'll rot in prison just like Elfving.

On March 16th, cover letters and legal pleadings were tracked by the USPS and my Uncle Sam to: San Francisco's City Attorney Herrera; and Santa Clara's- District Attorney Rosen, Sheriff Dept., and Civil Court.The four organizations have to make sure that Santa Clara judge Elfving gets the pleadings which he himself in$i$t$ he get$. You see, Elfving wanted to rig the June 5th 2015 hearing in and for criminally-proven RICO case CGC-14-537723 by feigning that Defendants weren't properly served with proce$$. That way the pea-brain could let all the felons who target minorities and the poor for financial predation off the hook. To $et-up pea-brain, I'm having City Attorney Herrera serve his own clients- some of whom like Police Chief Suhr already appeared in case 537723. In addition, all 4 organizations will also serve Summons & Complaint for case 115-cv-275919 on Elfving. That's my $100,000,000 civil rights violations case which proves that Elfving had me illegally-arrested and then falsely-imprisoned on January 9th 2015 because I exposed that he was rigging di$mi$$al of case 537723, like he wants to do on June 5th. He wanted to rig case dismissal and I'm railroading him into prison from where he'll die:



Today at 1:30PM, Criminal Court Judge Ryan was going to rig my hearing in criminal case C:1502123 which corrupt Civil Court Judge Elfving initiated to cover-up his own Honest Services Fraud and Racketeering. Rather than railroad my hearing, I already set the rails to have them convicted of federal crimes. The following documents will be presented to Ryan by my Public Defender who will provide a rather vigorous defense: