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12/14/15: At this point in time, the judicial corruption I already discovered is so overwhelming that I can set up any judge without problem. Take for instance former California Bar President Jon $treeter who’s now a judge with California’s First District Court of Appeal. Under his watch from 2011-12, lots of corrupt Bar Member$ (aka felon$) got a pass and weren’t investigated because he couldn’t afford to have the public know that all too many: (insurance & corporate) defense attorneys rig cases with easily-bought, ‘ab$olutely judicially immune’ judge$; barristers file frivolous motions to monger billable hours; law firms double or triple bill their clients; and plaintiffs’ attorneys take huge retainers for cases knowing they’ll not succeed. The public doesn’t know this from the outside looking in. However, any attorney who’s been in the ‘business’ for more than 3 years knows how the $y$tem is completely rigged. To get some insight on just how rigged, see my Commission on Judicial Performance Complaint verifiably mailed, faxed, emailed, and hand-delivered to a half dozen state & federal agencies which are supposed to monitor corrupt judge$ like $treeter. Let$ $ee what happen$:

The Gate-Keeping California $upreme Court

California's Supreme Court has but three jobs. First, it oversees all lower California Courts from Superior to Appellate Districts from which it receives Petitions for Writ of Certiorari or Review. Second, the seven high-court judge$ manage their state underlings to make sure they're all acting legally within confines of California's law and Constitution. Third, it's commissioned to directly supervise California's Bar Association which is but "an arm of the California Supreme Court." That's simple and straight-forward.

38 Million Californians expect these seven "absolutely judicially immune" Justices to dutifully. legally, and honestly perform those three basic functions as required under California's law and Constitution and federal law and Constitution to maintain democracy and the rule of law throughout the Golden State. The 99.999997369%, who are but ordinary California ¢itizens without any immunity let alone "absolute immunity," trust the .000002631%, who swore oaths to uphold Constitutional Rights, to do whats right and protect them: from law-breakers and entities seeking to do them harm; and in the third branch of government which is supposed to be a ¢itizen's last recourse to petition government with redress.

I guess its too bad for the 99.999997369%, that California'$ "ab$olutely judicially immune" $upreme Court work$ only for their "ab$olutely judicially immune" court colleague$, $pecial intere$t$, $elf-intere$t$ed Bar Member$, and underling$ who target the public for financial predation $imply because that$ how their rigged $y$tem work$, the wolves in sheeps' pelts all have one another$' back$, and the buzzard$ of a feather clo$e rank$ when their multi-billion-dollar RICO enterprise and network get expo$ed.

California's $upreme Court is right now, this very day, trying to rig my disbarment for having exposed treasonou$ & treacherou$ judicial corruption & racketeering. Judge$ in the $uperior court$ have a variety of RICO schemes that earn them $pecial ‘wages’ aside from their taxpayer funded salaries. Their higher-court colleague$ in the Appellate Division$ tacitly give them a$$i$tance if any appeals are filed to cover-up the $uperior Court crime$. To expose this rampant judicial corruption, three criminally-proven racketeering suits were filed in $an Francisco’$ $uperior Court. California’$ Judicial Council transferred all three to $anta Clara’$ $uperior Court to rig quick case di$mi$$al$ before judge Elfving. The three cases are CGC-13-533811 proving $tate Bar racketeering; CGC-14-536981 proving Bar and Civil Court & judicial racketeering; and CGC-14-537723 proving City Agency & Traffic Court racketeering. The three cases are furthered detailed below...

For now though, the California $upreme Court is poised to rubber-$tamp and affirm "Involuntary Disbarment" of federally-protected Missud. To prevent that anticipated railroading, I 'filed' the below Preliminary Opposition to the C$C's furtherance of Bar and judicial racketeering:

California'$ Magnificent $even are so terrified of getting convicted of high-crimes and treason that they directed their Appellate Court'$ Divi$ion-IV to brazenly violate basic Appellate Procedure and state and federal due process. $ee the below wherein Division-IV won't acknowledge official court transcripts catching lower court judge Elfving in lie$. Al$o coincidentally on that very $ame date, the $tate Bar which the Magnificent $even are $upposed to $upervi$e ignored that City Deputy Attorney Ceballo lied and illegally withheld public records which he feigned weren't in City po$$e$$ion because they prove that the City run$ RICO $cheme$ to steal from the public. Now check-out the 3rd 'coincidental' $trike wherein the City- which illegally stole my car to strong-arm me into dropping my criminally-proven RICO $uit nailing San Francisco for Bell-CA racketeering, $eek$ over $1000 for it$ return. LOT$ OF OFFICIAL$ AND JUDGE$ WILL --DIE-- IN THE NEW YEAR FOR THEIR HIGH-CRIME$ AND TREA$ON. THEY WILL DIE BECAUSE I WILL GET THEM CONVICTED OF THE HIGHEST CRIMES AND/OR SENT TO PRISON WHERE THEY WILL BE MURDERED BY FELLOW INMATES:

Chief Justice Cantil-$akauye is actually responsible for killing Appellate judge$ Ruvolo, Rivera, and Reardon. Instead of mandating that they take judicial notice of official court transcripts as they must do, $he gave them a pa$$. I therefore had to set them up for crimes which carry the death penalty. The three judge$ are left without any choice$. They already did the capital crime$ for which they can now be legally murdered. On January 13th 2015, I will attend oral argument to get the three judge$ killed for subversion, and intentional overthrow of government (of and by the people)…. 

On January 5th 2015 I filed the below Writ of Mandate to put California's $upreme Court on the hook to make some very important decision$ by January 8th. If the judge$ don't quickly act to prevent judge William Elfving'$ rigging of the January 9th Hearing then they will have themselves committed High Crimes and a$$i$ted him in overthrowing government of and by the very same people whom the judge$ are targeting for financial predation throughout California. Judge$ will be put to death for subversion and other High Crime$....

California'$ $upreme Court has to get on-record making some very important decisions before three lower courts -which it supervises, try to rig three hearings/events on January 9th, 12th & 13th. On January 9th, $uperior Court judge Elfving will try to rig a $5240 fee $anction in case CGC-14-536981, -meant to prevent my exposure of extreme Bar Court and judicial racketeering. On January 12th, the $tate Bar Court$ [both Trial and Review] will try to get the $upreme Court to disbar me because I'm rocking the boat and exposing judicial trea$on. On January 13th, the First District Court of Appeal$' Divi$ion-IV will try to rig that day'$ oral argument at 1:30PM in A141459. Those dopes are already on the record refusing to take judicial notice of all documents under review, and don't want to read any transcripts of testimony taken in any courts. We're apparently going to talk about the weather and sports. That should be fun. Chief Justice Cantil-$akauye will commit her first act of Treason on January 8th when she has to Order a Stay in case 536981. On January 12th $he'll have to decide whether to protect her corrupt underling$ or 38 Million Californians. If the former, -then that'$ her 2nd act of treason. Also on the 12th, $he has to Mandate Division-IV to merely do its job which is to acknowledge lower court records and transcripts, and not waste time talking about the weather and sports. Let the fun begin today January 8th 2015!!!

California’s $upreme Court provides the last line of defense not for California citizens, -but for it$ own corrupt lower court$ & judge$. Should any litigants amass sufficient proof to get California judge$ convicted of High Crimes like selling order$ and subverting democracy, then Chief Thief Tani Cantil-$akauye denie$ review to protect her racketeering network of ab$olutely judicially-immune judge$ who target the public for financial predation. Find below two sets of documents which proves this to criminal standards.

The 1st set contains 4 California $upreme Court Denial$ of 4 criminally-proven Writ$: In S198352 $akauye covered-up that judge$ took Fortune-500 D.R. Horton’$ bribes to conceal 27-state predatory lending & multi-billion-dollar mortgage fraud on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae; In S205522 $akauye covered-up that the $tate Bar refused to investigate a $600,000 fraud orchestrated by 3 Bar Member$ who targeted a mere member of the public for financial predation; In S206342, $akauye covered for a ring of racketeering judge$ who compel rigged arbitration$ whereat retired judge$ railroad million-dollar frauds which even include judicial foreclosures of their targets’ million-dollar homes; In S207619 $akauye denied review of Missud’s CCP §1021.5 Private Attorney General Motion because she couldn’t allow him to protect 38 Million Californians from: judge$ who take Fortune-500 bribe$; Bar Member$ who target members of the public for financial predation; and judge$ who routinely rig million-dollar arbitration$ throughout the state.  

The 2nd set contains 4 United States $upreme Court Denial$ of 4 criminally-proven Writ$. Guess what? Should any litigants amass sufficient proof to get California $upreme Court judge$ convicted of High Crimes like selling order$ and subverting democracy, then Chief Thief John Robert$ denie$ review to protect his racketeering network of ab$olutely judicially-immune $tate $upreme court judge$ who target the public for financial predation.  In 12-9412 Robert$ covered-up that judge$ took Fortune-500 D.R. Horton’$ bribes to conceal 27-state predatory lending & multi-billion-dollar mortgage fraud on Freddie and Fannie; In 12-9413 Robert$ covered-up that the $tate Bar refused to investigate a $600,000 fraud orchestrated by 3 Bar Member$ who targeted a mere member of the public for financial predation; In 12-9981 Robert$ covered for a ring of racketeering judge$ who compel rigged arbitration$ whereat retired judge$ railroad million-dollar frauds which even include judicial foreclosures of their targets’ million-dollar homes; In 12-10006 Robert$ denied review of Missud’s CCP §1021.5 Private Attorney General Motion because he couldn’t allow Missud to protect 38 Million Californians from: judge$ who take Fortune-500 bribe$; Bar Member$ who target members of the public for financial predation; and judge$ who routinely rig million-dollar arbitration$ throughout the state. I$n’t all this Trea$on, $ubver$ion, and High-Crime$ committed by $tate and federal judge$ really di$gu$ting?

Chief Justice Cantil-$akauye has some thinking to do (not that she can handle it). $he can either rubber-stamp the Member-run $tate Bar which $he $upervises, or protect 38 Million Californians from the Member$ who milk the public for maximum fee$, target them for bogu$ case$, or sell them out to corporation$ after making back-door deal$. The “us versus them” is the $elf-intere$ted Bar Member$ who $ee the rest of us as piggy bank$. That's why the Bar wants me disbarred. Engineers who rock the boat are best to$$ed out of the boat and fed to the fish.

Chief Ju$tice Cantil-$akauye- You are backed waaaaay into a corner. You either have to admit that your lower court colleague$ are a bunch of thieves who’ve gotten lots of support from you over the years; or continue your obviou$ cover-up and further dig your own and six more graves since the En-Banc $upreme Court gave the underling$ lot$ of cover for their racketeering for year$:

Judge$ love to play railroad conductor with their hearing$ and ca$e$. They railroad hearing$ to rig ca$e di$mi$$al$ for the special intere$t$ and corporation$ which pay them off for such treacherou$ and $ubver$ive act$. Find below direct proof of how California’s Appellate and $upreme Court$ are colluding in real-time to exclude their own court transcripts from the records under review. YES!!- YOU READ THAT RIGHT. California’s top reviewing courts are refusing to look at their own transcripts which memorialize the very issues under review. The top court$ and judge$ are purposefully playing ‘hear, $ee, and $peak no evil’ to $ave lower court colleague$ and themselves from conviction$ under federal codes including Title-18 corruption, racketeering, treason, and other higher crimes. 

Division-IV and California’s $upreme Court first refused to take judicial notice of any original transcripts which contain on-point argument regarding the central issues under review; and then THRICE-denied augmenting the records with subsequent ever-damning transcripts catching judge Elfving in yet more lie$ to rig that very ca$e which is under review by Division-IV. $ee the "Elfving" and "Arre$t" pages where all the damning transcripts are posted. Also take note that Division-IV'$ last 'Order' was signed and supposedly delivered April 15th, but for some strange reason only received on January 21st  when I'm only 5 miles from the courthouse and usually get such mail over-night.

Since California’s $upreme Court is already in the records trying to cover-up all of it$ lower court$’ corruption & racketeering, the simplest most efficient means to hide the crimes is by having me illegally arrested today January 26th, and falsely imprisoned by 5PM PST so that I can’t attend Oral Arguments or file paperwork to warn 38 Million other Californians that they are but judge$’ financial target$$$$$$. At 13:30 in Santa Clara’$ Hall of Ju$tice Dept. 30, I’ll make a very extensive record for which I'll get a transcript to get today’$ judge indicted for corruption, racketeering, Honest $ervice$ Fraud, and Trea$on.

California’$ $uperior, Appellate & $upreme Court$ did everything po$$ible to try and railroad my 2nd false imprisonment on January 26th so that I couldn’t attend January 27th’s 9:30AM Oral Argument. That’s because I set-up Appeals Division-IV for federal indictment. The many corrupt-coordinating court$ failed miserably, so I $et-up Ruvolo, Reardon & Rivera just as planned. The following list of judge$ are deep within corporate pocket$ and are getting all $ort$ of cover from the $tate Bar that’s trying to disbar me. That’$ why $uperior Court judge$ Elfving & Gold$mith rigged over $16,000 in fee $anction$ in favor of the Bar; Appeal$ Division-IV wanted to rubber $tamp those $anction$; and California’$ $upreme Court was desperate to affirm my di$barment in Writ S222905 and then SLAPP me with another $28,000. Per the below documents, I ordered yesterday's audio CD that will put a quick $top to all that 18 USC §§1512/13 Retaliation against federal whistle-blowing:

The state and federal judge$ who knowingly colluded with $9,000,000,000 D.R. Horton Inc. to cover-up it$ decade$ of financial racketeering and crimes including 18 USC §201 Corruption of official$ and judge$, and Hobb$ Act purcha$e of judge$ to conceal that the corporation uses and/or threatens the use of bomb$ [18 USC §1959] to silence federal informants are:

Patrice McElroy, Lucy Armendariz, Joann Remke, Judith Epstein, Katherine Purcell, Richard Honn, Loretta Giorgi, Katherine Feinstein, Elaine Wick, Peter Busch, Harold Kahn, Paul Alvarado, Cynthia Lee, William Elfving, William McGuiness, Stuart Pollak, Martin Jenkins, Ignazio Ruvolo, Timothy Reardon, Maria Rivera, Tanil Cantil-Sakauye, Carol Corrigan, Joyce Kennard, Kathryn Werdegar, Ming Chin, Marvin Baxter, Goodwin Liu, Saundra Armstrong, Roger Benitez, Roger Hunt, Susan Illston,  Edward Chen, Donna Ryu, William Alsup, Claudia Wilkin, Martin Reidinger, Alex Kozinski, Carlos Bea, Stephen Reinhardt, Kim Wardlaw, Ronald Gould, Richard Clifton, Jay Bybee, Harry Pregerson, Susan Graber, Stephen Trott, Richard Paez, Edward Leavy, Sidney Thomas, Mary Murguia, William Fletcher, Milan Smith, Morgan Christen, Jacqueline Nguyen, Wallace, Tallman, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, and Grand Pooh-Bah John Roberts.

California’s highest courts are desperate to cover for the corrupt Bar & it$ judge$ which & who in-turn give court judge$ cover for racketeering and financial crimes targeting the masses. For instance, civil court judge$ force litigants into judicial arbitration where retired judges lie-in-wait to rig arbitration$ on behalf of corporate $pecial intere$t$. Those rigged awards then return to the active judge$ for rubber-$tamping. The active judge$ then retire to $eek employment at the ADR mill$ to craft more fraudulent award$ that will be rubber-$tamped by the colleague$ who replace them. That cycle then continue$ indefinitely. Million$ or Billion$ are thusly $tolen from mere mortal citizens, -whom the corporate 'People' prey upon. Because I exposed this RICO network of judge$ who subvert democracy, rig arbitration$, and overthrow government of and by the people when they railroad cases into secretive arbitration where corporation$ regularly buy re$ult$, I was "involutarily disbarred." I then sued the Bar and it$ judge$ in two criminally-proven cases that were quickly di$mi$$ed by judge Elfving who rigged 8 hearing$ to railroad re$ult$. Ca$e$ CGC-13-533811 and 14-536981 were then appealed to the Fir$t Di$trict Court of Appeal:

In A141459, judge$ Ruvolo, Reardon & Rivera did everything po$$ible to ignore dozens of self-authenticating and always reliable court transcripts and even denied record augmentation with two more transcripts catching judge Elfving rigging hearings and railroading di$mi$$al$. On November 21st Elfving even lied about not getting pleadings tracked directly to his chambers by USPS Signature Confirmed mail or several more copies sent by wire to his official government email. His lie$ already got him convicted of 18 USC §§201 Corruption, 1341 Mail Fraud, 1343 Wire Fraud, and 1962 Racketeering.

Appeal A143554 was just certified and includes all the transcripts that RR&R wanted to ignore- including the last two catching Elfving in at least 35 lie$ to: rig the November 21st and January 9th hearing$; and railroad di$mi$$al of criminally-proven 536981.

Know that California’s $upreme Court, -tasked with supervising the Bar, already twice-allowed RR&R to ignore all the transcripts in the record to affirm judicial racketeering, and the Bar'$ cover-up of the $ame, in A141459. Review those two $upreme Court order$ above in "RR&R's Effort$ to Conceal RICO." The $even highest judge$ in California allowed RR&R to ignore all the official court transcripts including TWO catching Elfving in 25 fucking lie$$$$$$$. Judge$ are criminal$ far wor$e than any felon$ already in prison. I have to put a stop to thi$......

John Robert$’ Sedition and Overthrow of his own Judicial Branch, -which he and underling$ like California’s $upreme Court and RR&R routinely $ell to the $pecial intere$t$, is better proven than the subversive & treacherou$ crimes which Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were executed for in 1954. Robert$ had TEN chances to expo$e Hobb$-Act corruption of yet more judge$ like Conohan, Ciavarella, Porteus, McGinty, Ochoa, Limas, Olson, Conn, Maloney, Lefavour, …. but in$tead put his head in the sand to play “hear, $ee, and $peak no evil.” John Robert$ doe$n’t want 318,000,000 real flesh-and-blood ¢itizens to know that fake corporate ‘people’ run our ‘court$ of law.’ For that, John Robert$ needs to be strapped into an electric chair just like Julius & Ethel. To make sure that happens, I set-up California’s $upreme Court. Once tho$e $even corporate-bought judge$ rubber-$tamp their lower court colleague$’ crime$, their criminal decision will be petitioned directly to John Robert$ to make sure that he fries sizzles and dies while strapped to his chair.

Appellate Division-IV’s Trio of felon$ Ruvolo, Reardon & Rivera did everything po$$ible to ignore every transcript I filed in and for criminally-proven appeal A141459. California'$ $upreme Court of course gave them lot$ of cover. That Trio even coordinated effort$ with TWO $uperior Court$ and their gaggle of corrupt judge$ to have me illegally arrested & falsely imprisoned to directly interfere with the TWO dates they-them$elve$ $et for Oral Argument where & when I would ‘out’ corrupt $an Francisco and $anta Clara $uperior Court colleague-judge$. What better way of preventing exposure of judicial treason & court sedition than by arresting and then imprisoning the federally-protected whistle-blower who for five years $et-up over 100 corrupt judge$$$$$$$ ju$t like them. The referenced docs are already posted throughout this site above and in the other pages....

California’s $upreme Court is desperate to disbar me. Chief Justice Cantil-$akauye is now on the hook to either admit that her complete $tate judiciary is corporate-bought; or get herself & colleague$ indicted for High Crimes. Those Crimes include participating in a RICO $cheme wherein explosives were actually used on August 3rd 2007 and then threatened to again be used on June 7th 2010 to shut me up and prevent my testimony at hearings and trials. The C$C is already on-record purposefully ignoring that $16 Billion D.R. Horton Inc. bought lot$ of judge$ to bury it$ multi-billion-dollar predatory lending and mortgage fraud on the US government. To conceal that racketeering, the judge$ violated 18 USC §§1512, 1513, 1959 which proscribe the use of explosives and other lethal means to prevent whistle-blowing, or further RICO $cheme$ like targeting Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for billion$ in fraud. By the way, High Crimes like those prescribe the death penalty:

On February 19th 2015, $upreme Court Chief Justice Cantil Sakauye was so desperate to rig my disbarment in S222905 that she violated her own CAR Chapter 9 Rules by denying registration of my timely pleadings. Intentional overthrow of government doesn’t get more obvious than when a state’s top judge rigs a Review to make sure that 38 Million Californians continue being targeted like sheep to be fleeced by the $pecial intere$t$ and their corporate-bought judge$ like $akauye:

Its absolutely unbelievable how corrupt judiciarie$ have become. That's the problem with "ab$olute judicial immunity." These low-life, low-IQ idiots consider themselves Gods. On March 3rd, Chief Justice Cantil $akauye denied my Motion requesting her to simply file my timely-filed Reply. $he refused to follow her own CAR Rule 8.520 because my Reply referred to and attached yet more damning evidence which if ignored would send her off to prison until the turn of the next century.

Since cornering $akauye is so easy, I figured that I'd add another 100 years to her already life-long prison sentence. $he now has to consider Augmenting the Record with official court records and transcripts per CAR Rule 8.155. When a judge refuses to read court transcripts regarding the central issues in the case under review, then you know that the judge is in MAJOR CYA mode.

Cantil-$akauye even has to cover for her lower-court criminal$. Division-IV is poised to conceal that $uperior Court Judge Elfving's specialty is rigging hearings and railroading cases. They are all desperate to disbar me because that's the only way they'll stay out of prison for Honest Services Fraud and much higher criminal acts like Treason. All these judge$ rig hearings so that the public never learns or gets to decide whether they should be fleeced like sheep when in court or at arbitration. The next time you look at a judge know that its actually a wolf cloaked in a black robe. Turn around and the wolf will have you by the throat.