I have an Ex-Parte Motion today 11/9/15 at 11AM in case CGC-15-545303. I'm seeking an injunction preventing the City from stealing any more of my cars in retaliation for my exposure of the City's $40,000,000 fraud on the public and racketeering that disperately and unequally impacts minority communities, Hispanics, and African Americans. I'll upload my Cover Letter to the FBI after my Hearing. Therein will be lots of facts and stats proving how the City orchestrates Fergu$on-on-$teroid$.


[Brockmeyer specifically and intentionally crafted RICO schemes to financially-rape African Americans: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/09/ferguson-judge-resigns_n_6835274.html]

San Francisco’s financial predation of “niggers, spics, and flips” [Well- that's what 14 racist SFPD cops said: http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/08/us/san-francisco-police-texts/index.html] is already so well proven that judge Ernest Gold$mith is already on-record lying that pleadings permanently filed and forwarded to the U.S. DOJ & FBI don’t concretely prove City racketeering & civil rights violations to 'Ferguson-on-$teroid$' standards.

This is what Goldsmith said in his 10/23/15 Tentative Ruling:
“Matter on calendar for Monday, October 26, 2015, Line 12, PLAINTIFF PATRICK MISSUD'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT Based In Official Documents And Defendant Admissions Proving City Racketeering To Criminal Standards. The motion is denied. The motion is procedurally improper because: (1) the notice of motion is defective and does not set forth the grounds for the motion (CCP 1010); (2) plaintiff failed to provide a separate statement of undisputed facts (CCP 437c(b)(1); CRC 3.1350(d); and (3) plaintiff does not submit admissible evidence demonstrating that he can establish his claims.”
See http://www.sfsuperiorcourt.org/online-services and enter <545303> in the 'Tentative Rulings' search.


On December 17, 2015 I testified before Five Bar Officials who must now guarantee the public is protected from San Francisco City Attorney Denni$ Herrera and hi$ illegal effort$ to bury a $40M/yr RICO scheme crafted to steal mostly from minorities. The Five now have to put a stop to Herrera’$ “Ferguson-on-$teroid$.” Not only does Herrera need to be immediately disbarred, but also referred to federal authorities for indictment under Title 18 codes like corruption, honest services fraud, and racketeering. If $elf-intere$ted Bar Member$ & Panelists Randy Difuntorum, Gayle Murphy, James Fox, Colin Wong, and Jayne Kim ignore the rock-solid evidence of Herrera’s racketeering, then they’ll out themselves as his co-conspirators desperate to conceal the nearly half-Billion-dollar, ongoing fraud in $an Francisco. Worse still, the Bar’s Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim is a former federal DOJ Attorney who is supposed to ferret out the exact same crimes Herrera is currently trying to bury right under her nose. However, since Joseph Dunn & Elaine Howle already proved that Kim buries such Bar Member crimes, it$ highly unlikely she’ll do anything but get herself indicted by her former colleagues at the US DOJ’s Criminal Division. See Jayne Kim’s proven non-feasance at: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/the-state-worker/article24904381.html and “Kim now agrees that the bar’s ‘volume and speed in processing the backlog in 2011 negatively affected the quality of its case settlements.’” Read more at: http://www.therecorder.com/id=1202729904880/Audit-Slams-State-Bar-for-Cutting-Corners-on-Attorney-Discipline#ixzz3ugvExg4R

Now see the Outline the Five Bar Official$ got on 12/17/15 which now requires them to protect the public from a very high government official….

Worse $till, John Robert$ will again ignore how $an Francisco considers its minorities 2nd-class and not worthy of fundamental rights. At this late-stage, Robert$ can’t admit that he and federal underling$ are either racist or so corrupt that they routinely shit on the Constitution and sell decisions to the $pecial intere$t$ a$ if fundamental rights don’t exist. I want Robert$ dead for Treason, and this is the Writ that will get him EXECUTED for Sedition, and the High-Crime of Overthrow of his no-longer neutral judicial branch: http://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docketfiles/14-9320.htm

John Robert$ already denied reviewing US $upreme Court Writ 13-6398 which criminally-proved San Francisco’s racketeering and financial predation of mostly minorities. He played “hear, $ee, and $peak no evil” to protect his federal judge$ Chen, Shroeder, Graber, and Paez each of whom gave $an Francisco $840.5 Million of cover. That’s the amount the City’$ Municipal Transportation Agency set as its financial goal, or “performance standard” to rake-in as if its a for-profit corporation that's in the business of making money and not a municipal agency tasked with providing constituent services. Much of that near-billion-dollar$ was ‘earned’ by citing minorities under color-of-law, ticketing them for revenue-raising, and towing/stealing/selling their vehicles without due process or any protections guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. $ee item #13: http://archives.sfmta.com/cms/cmta/SFMTABoardApril172012agenda.htm  

The City $eem$ to be in the business of stealing whatever it can to make ends meet and to bankroll its enormou$ payroll which is the 2nd most bloated municipal workforce/payroll in the nation: http://washingtonexaminer.com/exography-19-u.s.-cities-have-proportionately-bigger-workforces-than-bankrupted-detroit/article/2533338

Now $ee how: (1) Circuit judge$$$ Shroeder, Graber, and Paez had Di$trict Judge Chen’$ back after he gave lot$ of cover to San Francisco so it could continue $tealing from mostly black & brown residents; and (2) John Robert$ gave the four of them a$$i$tance in their racketeering by denying review of Writ 13-6398: http://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docketfiles/13-6398.htm

The City of $in Francisco’$ many agencies like the $FMTA, $FPD, and AutoReturn which target mostly minorities for financial predation are absolutely fucked. On May 6th 2015 at precisely 12:22PM, I dropped-off the below $ubpoena for production of public documents which are due at our next (rigged) June 5th hearing before corrupt $anta Clara judge Elfving who di$mi$$ed the City from criminally-proven RICO suit CGC-14-537723 after he had me falsely-imprisoned for exposing hi$ ca$e-rigging on January 9th. That $ubpoena triples as a City Sunshine Request as well as California Open Government Demand for public documents. As such, ALL documents are due within 10 days’ demand which means $F has to lawfully produce them by May 18th. If the City fails to follow its own Sunshine Ordinance, then that fact will prove the City is illegally $uppre$$ing public documents which prove it targets mostly minorities for financial predation, runs racketeering $cheme$ to $teal from mostly minorities, and already rigged a Demurrer with Elfving on January 9th ju$t ten minutes before he and TWO County’$ official$ had me illegally-arrested for exposing that $in Francisco is Ferguson Missouri on steroids and Bell California on “The Clear.”

Cook-Bell County [or "Book" as in "Book 'em Danno"] is a combination of Cook County Chicago and Bell California FBI $ting$.

In Cook County's Operation Greylord, 17 judge$, 48 lawyers, 8 policemen, 10 sheriff deputies, 8 court staff, and a politician were indicted for arranging, taking, or participating in a Traffic Court kick-back scheme to rig hearings and di$mi$$ cases. By 1984, 92 people were nabbed for corruption, racketeering, and Honest Services Fraud.

In Bell California's 'Baseball Game,' 7 City Managers were convicted of illegally and un-Constitutionally 'taking' residents' vehicles under color-of-law and without due process to pad their own pocket$ and fund bloated payrolls, among many other crimes. Robert Rizzo was recently sentenced to 12 years in federal/state prison for having: illegally ticketed, towed, and stored victims' vehicles; and then extorted registered owners by demanding on average $1000 for their return: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/bell-corruption-scandal/

San Francisco'$ RICO $cheme$ will nab far more than the 92 corrupt officials rounded-up in Cook, and is Bell California on $teroid$. In "Book," the City orchestrates at least 15 distinct racketeering $cheme$ to steal thousands of dollars per victim so that it can meet an $840.5 Million "performance standard" in fiscal 2014. That'$ right- The City of San Francisco set a financial target, or has the expectation of earning just short of a Billion dollar$ as if it were a for-profit, publicly-traded corporation. Municipalities aren't supposed to profit off the backs of residents, -they're supposed to provide City services for residents.

San Francisco has the 2nd most bloated City payroll after Washington DC. Just as a note, Detroit was 7th on the list, and which in great-part caused its bankruptcy. Rather than prudently shed do-nothing City workers, managers, and officials, $an Francisco finds creative ways of illegally taxing residents just like Bell's Robert Rizzo. City constituents can expect to get bogus citations like no front plate, redundant expired registration, wheels not curbed, extending into crosswalks, exceeding limits in timed zones, various fix-it tickets, and other deficient/unenforceable citations which are nevertheless enforced. These can supposedly be challenged under citizens' fundamental rights to due process, equality, fairness, and under the guarantees of petitioning government with grievances, however, when a City has a budget gap of just short of a Billion dollar$, such reviews can become $omewhat unfair and $kewed in favor of municipalitie$.

The City has three levels of review. Each of them is rigged to favor the City. No matter what evidence is presented, if the City wants your money or title to your car, you're $crewed. You first have to file for a written "Citation Review." That's when you mail-in documents proving that your citation was 'wrongly' i$$ued. In the case of bogus "expired registration" tickets, the City usually ignores that your state DMV paperwork says that your car was currently registered when ticketed because that's one of the ways the City makes lots of money. After you're denied under C-R, you get a chance to have an Administrative Review of your ticket in-person at the SFMTA'$ offices. Before A-R, they first require that you post the full amount of the ticket up-front to fund that $840.5 Million 'performance standard. What do you think happen$ after the $FMTA has your money? RIGHT! They deny your A-R because that's how the City makes lots of money.  Your last recourse is to file for a DeNovo Trial in San Francisco'$ $uperior Court where 'ju$tice' is really hard to come by. The Traffic Court is directly funded by the citation$ that it enforce$. If it doe$n't rubber-$tamp the $FMTA'$ prior two findings, then the $FMTA has to pay back the fine, and the judge won't get paid. $o what do you think happen$ at DeNovo Trial$? If you said "railroad" give yourself a gold star!!

Prior to my THREE DeNovo Trial$, I mailed certified return-receipt packages stuffed with official state proof that the City was lying regarding expired registration. Three different judge$- Dye, Dekreon, and Stovitz lied that they either didn't get the concrete information or that the contents weren't absolute proof that the citations were bogus when i$$ued. I gue$$ tho$e three got paid with my stolen fund$ tho$e days because corrupt judge$ are entitled to $teal from the little people who haven't any fundamental rights to equality, due process, or fairly petition their corrupt court$ with fraudulently-i$$ued, revenue-rai$ing ticket$. Now take a look at just some of the issues I'll be bringing up in my criminally-proven racketeering suit already filed in the $uperior Court which recently tran$ferred the case to $anta Clara for quick and dirty di$mi$$al by uber-corrupt Judge Elfving [Also $ee the "$$Judge Elfving$$" Page which precedes this one]:

The above information was published on December 15th 2014 at approximately 8AM. By 9AM, the $FMTA sent out two tow trucks to tow another of my car$ in retaliation for my having exposed $FMTA Director Nolan and $FPD Chief Greg $uhr. It $eem$ that the City doesn't want me to expose some damning and concrete facts. For instance, the City Attorney tried to cover-up it$ conflicts of interests, namely a profit-$haring agreement with exclusive tow contractor Auto-Return. Can you believe that City Attorneys Dennis Herrera and Brian Ceballo lied about not having financial record$ regarding AutoReturn'$ yearly revenue? I mean really! Those are supposed to be public documents which must be produced under California's and San Francisco's $un$hine Ordinances. I gue$$ that the City forgot they already gave me copies of those records they claimed didn't exist, -for which I only needed updates.

The $FMTA first towed my truck on October 12th 2012 to prevent me from filing my first criminally-proven racketeering $uit that will send Police Chief Greg $uhr and $FMTA Director Nolan to prison until they are dead. They predictably retaliate every time I have more pleading$ that will add decade$ to their sentences. Today, December 15th 2014 was no different. They didn't like my previous postings and thought that be stealing my $aab, I would stop. $ince I want the two of them dead in prison for having targeted me and my neighbors, that won't happen. $ee the three below sets of records that will now add decades to their misery:

To make damned sure that state judge Elfving, Police Chief $uhr, and $FMTA Director Nolan NEVER get out of prison, I filed this:

To make damned sure that at least federal judge$ Chen, Al$up, Clifton, Nguyen, NEVER get out of prison, I filed this:

On December 29th 2014, THREE entitie$ and organization$ colluded to send me the crystal-clear message that their multi-million/billion-dollar predation of the public would not be expo$ed:  California'$ Court of Appeal$,- which has to determine whether lower-court judge$ provide cover for judicial racketeering and City predation of 850,000 San Franciscans, denied taking judicial notice of official court records it has to acknowledge; The $tate Bar,- which $pecialize$ in giving cover to corrupt Member$' RICO $cheme$ gave Deputy City Attorney Ceballo a pa$$ for illegally withholding evidence that proves that SF runs the $ame RICO $cheme$ as Bell California; and AutoReturn which practices Grand-Theft-Auto under color-of-law and the direction of Felon/Mayor Ed Lee informed me that the Saab they stole from me lying that it wasn't registered when towed will be auctioned-off at a lien $ale to add a few buck$ to the City'$ $840.5 Billion extortion of City residents this fiscal year.

I'll have quite a few officials and judge$ imprisoned this first week of the new year. Once incarcerated, they'll likely be murdered by fellow inmates:

The City’$ racketeering is so bad, that City Attorney Dennis Herrera is “taking one for the team.” Herrera would rather get raped in prison by other inmates than turn over public documents known to exist, -but which were illegally withheld because they prove City racketeering to criminal standards. Find below a subpoena that won’t be fulfilled by January 9th 2015 and will thusly get Herrera convicted of Honest Services Fraud and other crimes.

In Operation-Greylord-I, 92 corrupt officials were indicted including 17 judge$, 8 police officer$, and 10 deputy sheriff$:

I have as many and then some. On January 9th 2015, in the Santa Clara $uperior Court'$ Dept. 3, I will conclude this Operation-Greylord-II. The judge$ include: Presiding Judge Cynthia Lee; Traffic Court judge$ Dye, Dekreon, and Stovitz; Civil Court judge$ Gold$mith, Kahn, Giorgi, Elfving, .... The Police Officers who are either directly involved in the racketeering or were asked to cover it up include Chief Greg $uhr, and officers Vugrincic, Barber, Robertson, Morrow, Adam, Chang, Orizaba, .... The Sheriffs who've aided and abetted judicial racketeering and/or assisted in the cover-up include Ro$$ Mirkarimi, and deputies Lelu, Murphy, Benton, Aragon, Watts, .... Officials are not limited to Mayor Ed Lee, City Attorney Herrera, SFMTA Director Nolan and Secretary Boomer, AutoReturn's Wicker, LDC Collections' Cummins.....Court Staff include Dept. 302's Fascelli and lots of back-office miscreants who've prevented registration of court records. We'll know the tally after the raids have concluded.

Wow did those 9th Circuit judge$ try a fast one on January 12th 2015 in my criminally-proven appeal 14-16494. I barely had time to recuperate from my January 9th Friday to Saturday all-nighter in County jail when I was hit with that hilarious Circuit decision to summarily affirm San Francisco racketeering and di$mi$$ my appeal. Talk about solidarity with all the lower state court$ and judge$ who target San Franciscans for Bell-CA $tyle financial predation -and me for false imprisonment because I exposed it all.

San Francisco’$ Traffic & Civil Division$, and California’s Appeal$ & $upreme Court$ have Mayor Ed Lee’s back so he can continue stealing at-will to make his budget’$ end$ meet. The Circuit’s finest gave them all cover, and even did their best to give District judge Edward Chen a safe place to hide for furthering City RICO for three additional years. Rather than put a stop to it in 2012, Chen let tens of thousands more San Franciscans get financially raped by the City. Now its time for Chen and friend$ to bend over:

The City’$ racketeering is already so well proven & exposed that City Attorney Denni$ Herrera defied judge Elfving who ordered that he file a Motion for Demurrer which Elfving was going to rubber-stamp at our next rigged hearing on March 6th 2015. Herrera doesn’t want to file that Demurrer because that will just open the door for more proof of City racketeering, -and that judge Elfving is covering it all up!

Wadya Know! The City did end up filing it$ rigged Motion for Demurrer/Di$mi$$al!! However- the City lied it was electronically filed on February 3rd, because by the 5th it was still nowhere to be $een. I instead had to file and expose their railroaded Demurrer for them. Then $ix days later, after I outed their fraud, the City inserted it$ Demurrer into the docket as if it was timely filed. The City Attorney$’ Office wanted to conceal that 900k residents are the City’s financial target$ and sheep to be fleeced. Can you say RICO?

$etting-up judge Elfving on March 6th 2015 was easier than convincing a 5-year-old that Santa exists. I swear that if I set cookies and milk out for Elfving in his own courtroom, he’d be up all night waiting for presents. On March 6th, I’m marching into his court to add another life sentence to his three other consecutive life sentence$. That prick is never getting out:

San Francisco & Santa Clara Countie$ are colluding to conceal City racketeering and protect corrupt judge$ who keep the RICO under wrap$. Remember that judge$ are in-part paid by the RICO revenue. Traffic Departments are ca$h cow$. Fraudulently issued moving violations & parking ticket$ are really BIG bu$ine$$. $o much $o that Traffic Court judge$; and Sheriff’s & Police Dept.’s rely on the millions in extortion. Therefore, Sheriff & Police officers write lot$ of bogus citation$ which can’t be fought in the Traffic Court$. Judge$ always$ rig the result$ to keep that money flowing. The below Request for Admissions simply request that $an Francisco City Attorney Herrera admit he’$ colluding with Santa Clara District Attorney Rosen to: (1) rig case dismissal with Santa Clara judge Elfving [Missud v. California; CGC-14-537723]; and (2) railroad my conviction with Santa Clara judge Ryan [California v. Missud] because I’m exposing judicial racketeering in both cases, and the two Counties and California are on the hook for hundreds of millions in restitution to the people they've been stealing from:

California’s 9th Circuit did it$ be$t to di$mi$$ criminally-proven Appeal 14-16494 and cover-up facts including that lot$ of state & federal judge$ are already in the records concealing San Francisco City racketeering & predation of its own ¢onstituents. Since February 17th the judge$ are back on the hook to reconsider their fraudulent January 12th di$mi$$al. On January 9th -right before I was illegally arrested for ‘outing’ official & judicial corruption, I caught judge Elfving in $even lie$ which he proffered to conceal $in Francisco’$ criminally-proven RICO. The Circuit judge$ will have to ignore the official January 9th transcript and those 7 crystal-clear lie$ to again $uppre$$ the fact that $F is Bell California on $teroid$:

On March 6th 2015 at our 10AM hearing, good-as-convicted judge Elfving will rig di$mi$$al of criminally-proven case 14-537723. He’ll then go to prison for treacherou$ly committing misprision of treason, -namely dismissing the case which proves to criminal standards that the City & County of San Francisco is financially preying on its own ¢onstituents, -the same way that Ferguson Missouri did to its own residents. Elfving will have lot$ of company since the other officials he's been covering for will join him behind bar$:

That March 6th Hearing was indeed entertaining. I already prepaid & ordered the transcript which documents that Elfving is doing everything po$$ible to rig case dismissal because it proves City Hall’$ predation of 900,000 constituents better than scandals already exposed in Bell CA & Ferguson MO.

Whereas Bell City Managers were stealing residents’ cars and extorting up to $1000 for their return, $F immediately tows vehicles for $600 ransoms, tacks-on $70/day for mafia-$tyle protection/storage, and demands payment on bogus color-of-law citations upon which the City base$it$ illegal revenue-raising tows. That means that targets of the ultra-lucrative, revenue-raising $cheme$ need over $1000 to get their illegally-seized vehicles out of impound ON THE FIR$T DAY. Every week the vehicles remain in impound, the City rack$-up an additional $500 in pure-profit $torage.

Remember how in Ferguson, mostly minorities were getting their cars seized for which additional costs and fees accrued? Well, that $cheme was really minor by comparison to $an Francisco’$ Grand-Theft-Auto. After $F makes it impo$$ible to get the illegally-seized vehicles out of impound, it offer$ victims three choices: (1) Capitulate to the extortion, put your hands up in the air, and fork over thousands of dollar$; (2) Agree to “Amnesty” and pay $1000 ca$h but give up your illegally-seized vehicle by signing vehicle-title$ over to the City; or (3) ‘Volunteer’ for Project-20 which is code-name for indentured servitude whereby you work-off your ever-increa$ing debt to the City at ju$t $6 per hour cleaning-off roads and highway shoulders as if on a chain gang in the segregated-south. Guess what- the City’s modern-day chain gangs are comprised mostly of minorities. San Francisco is just like 1930’s Alabama: http://sfpretrial.com/project20/

Ferguson’s financial predation of its own citizens were IDENTICAL to San Francisco’s ongoing predation of its City dwellers -the only difference being a factor of 440. In 2012, Ferguson financially-targeted mostly African Americans to generate $1.92 Million. In San Francisco that figure was 440 times greater, equating to $840.5 Million and targeted mostly A-A’s, Hispanics, and lower socio-economic classes. Both Cities “budgeted” for fiscal expectation$, targets, "revenue-raising" and "performance standards." Both Cities had their police forces, traffic officials, and court$ work “in concert.” Municipal courts were ta$ked with “maximizing collection$.” Parking fines were punitive, and code-enforcement was “honed” to produce ever-more revenue. Supervisors pressured officers to write citations to fund City budget$. Multiple citations were rabidly issued often for the same violation. Revenue generation was a major driving force, -rather than public safety. Penalties were mostly imposed on people with the least ability to pay. Performance standards ruled the day, and regular updates were given to greedy City Managers. Strategies & initiatives were developed to raise more revenue rather than serve the public. Financial targets & performance standards were set for subsequent year$ irrespective of public safety. Both Cities and their respective managers knew for years that revenue-raising had adverse impacts on City-dwellers but were blinded by the money.

See for yourselves. Compare the racketeering $FMTA’s "Item #13" [2012 Performance Standard$ & Budget] at: http://archives.sfmta.com/cms/cmta/SFMTABoardApril172012agenda.htm   

to the DOJ’s findings in Ferguson Mi$$ouri under “FPD Report” at: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-announces-findings-two-civil-rights-investigations-ferguson-missouri

San Francisco's civil rights violations, financial-targeting of minorities, and financial-rape of pretty much anybody that will capitulate and cough-up $600 for an illegal tow, is so well proven that judge Elfving ignored three official state DMV documents proving that three of my registered cars were illegally-towed so that the City could bank over $1800. The City $imply lied they weren't registered and then stole them off the street. That's usually called grand-theft-auto, but to a judge like Elfving that'$ ju$t good busine$$ since that's how judge$ like him get paid. Traffic court$ are ca$h cow$ which judge$ milk for their own bloated salarie$ and benefit$.

San Francisco’s 11-year, $500,000,000 racketeering that preys mostly on minorities is so well-proven that I set-up City Attorney Dennis Herrera for disbarment this week 12-7-15. If California’s Bar doesn’t immediately suspend Herrera’s license, we’ll know the Bar is also a RICO organization that give$ cover to corrupt Bar Member$ like Herrera who target the public for financial predation. Either way, 38 Million Californians will learn that Bar Member$ are often thieves who financially rape the public and get lot$ of cover from the Member-run Bar that’s but a front for corrupt Member$ to $teal from the public.

San Francisco's admissions to lying about not having publicly accessible records didn't phase Goldsmith in the least. RICO partner-in-crime AutoReturn's admission to having an illegal antitrust contract to gouge the public didn't give Goldsmith pause. Goldsmith didn't even bat an eye when confronted with absolute proof that the City doesn't follow its very own rules to instead prematurely sell vehicles it stole under color-of-law feigning they weren't registered when towed [stolen grand-theft-auto style]. San Francisco's RICO schemes are identical to Bell-California's and Ferguson-Missouri's. The only difference is that San Francisco is 20x larger than Bell, and 43x larger than Ferguson. That's 43 times the civil rights violations when mostly targeting "niggers, spics, and flips." I wonder if the U.S. DOJ is interested in this cesspool of official corruption and judicial racism?

Now have a look at my Motion for a Temporary Injunction I had to file in 9th District Court C:15-4693 to stop the City from stealing more of my cars or illegally selling them while two suits are pending. Talk about trying to strong-arm me into dropping two lawsuits which prove how San Francisco treats its minority citizens like 2nd class citizens. Wow- and Goldsmith doesn't want to support the U.S. Constitution that he took an oath to uphold. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that these judge$ think they are above the law with their "absolute judicial immunity" they think trumps US Title 18 Codes which proscribe judicial racketeering, corruption, Hobbs-Act payoff$, treason, treachery, sedition, and overthrow of the no-longer neutral judicial branch that's been replaced with kangaroo court$.

Why would $an Francisco's City Attorney lie that he didn't have access to the $an Francisco Mass Transit Agency's Financial Records? His office is in charge of such Public Records Requests. What was Denni$ Herrera trying to hide? Why didn't he even supply those publicly accessible documents after he was served with numerous subpoenas? Well, perhaps the reason is because the Docs evince $40 Million in racketeering proceed$ 'earned' by the City which preys mostly on Hispanics and African Americans just like happened in Bell-CA and Ferguson-MO. None of the City's greedy official$ wants to go to prison....

Law Office

Law Office of Qui-Tam Patrick Missud

San Francisco’s RICO proceeds are so huge, that $tate & federal judge$ already tried concealing the City’s racketeering. $tate judge$ Giorgi, Elfving, Ryan and Breen & Di$trict judge$ Chen, Alsup, Wilkin, and now $pero are desperate to bury how San Francisco duplicated the same exact crime$ as exposed by the FBI in Bell- where 7 City Manager$ were convicted by the U.S. DOJ for racketeering, honest services fraud, and civil rights violations unequally targeting minorities: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-impounded-cars-boost-bells-coffers-09052010-m-story.html and http://articles.latimes.com/2011/feb/28/local/la-me-03-01-bell-baseball-20110301.

On 12/21/15 I filed the below pleading to expose corrupt 9th District judge$ Chen, Alsup, Wilkin, $pero (& Cebull) and to ensure they stop financially raping “niggers, spics, and flips:” http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/02/justice/montana-judge-racist-message/index.html and http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/08/us/san-francisco-police-texts/

You see, if I don’t put a stop to the City’$ financial destruction of minority communities (by getting score$ of seditious judge$ thrown in prison until dead) then no one will- especially the racist & subversive judge$ who are supposed to support the Constitution but in$tead only see Hispanics & African Americans as financial prey, and relegate them to 2nd class status.