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After 5 weeks of playing Hot Potato with my criminally-proven Writ, John Robert$ finally docketed Review of 14-16509. He got it 4 times since May 19th 2015 but illegally returned it in violation of his own SCOTUS Rule-29. Robert$ finally docketed it because the 5th set was sent to the US DOJ with instructions to file it over-the-counter since Robert$ broke his own rules to purposely ignore that EIGHT federal underling$ $old-out to the NRA and in that proce$$ committed ma$$ murder and Genocide.

So far, EIGHT federal judge$ either $old decision$ to Wayne LaPierre so his NRA could $ell more high-profit guns known to kill people, or treacherously covered-up for their greedy colleague$ who've a$$i$ted in murder. Judge$ are taking NRA kick-back$ knowing that people will die. Federal judge$ are directly linked to murder-for-money. The EIGHT a$$a$$in$ include: 9th District Judge William Al$up; and 9th Circuit Judge$ Alex Kozinski, Sidney Thomas, Richard Clifton, Jacqueline Nguyen, Darmuid O’Scannlain, Edward Leavy, and Mary Murguia. Their$' are the highest of crimes which by federal code prescribe the death penalty.

The NRA’$ June 16, 2015 Purchase of Eleven 9th Circuit Judge$

Wayne LaPierre and his multi-billion-dollar consortium of gun runner$ -aka the NRA, are chomping at the bit to make billion$ more by opening-up California’s slightly regulated [recall the ease with which Elliot Rodger got his three handguns from three different dealer$$$] gun market to Open Carry fanatics. At 3:30 in the James Browning Courthou$e, LaPierre will “$hare the wealth” with $ome judge$ deciding Peruta appeal 10-56971. If Wayne kick$-back just 1% of that extra billion in gun sale$ he hope$ to make in a scant few year$, then that’s only $10 Million. If each judge gets just a million, and puts it into a secret Cayman account just like Sepp Blatter of FIFA infamy, then Wayne’$ Genocidal Gun Runner$ will get to split the other $990,000,000.

Now think about this- when considering that Peruta will set a precedent for the rest of the nation, the NRA'$ prospective & immense profits will certainly jump by an extra $10 Billion. That makes $10 Million pay-off$ to each ‘ab$olutely judicially immune’ judge a 'no-brainer.' Ten million each will buy Wayne a ‘very narrow win’ to make it look like a close 2nd Amendment battle of gun rights vs. rights to reasonable restrictions. The Eleven judge$ will agree to: vote 6 to 5 in favor of Billion$ in gun sale$; AND the Genocidal Murder of mostly ethnic young men. They'd rather take enormou$ kick-back$ than restrict sale$ in any way, place reasonable limits on the use of gun$, or preserve thousands of lives. Each of the judicial elite$ would rather pocket million$ in secret kick-backs than prevent the murder of thousands every year. What a fine bunch of Nazi$.

NOW CONSIDER THI$- John Robert$ already timely got three sets of criminally-proven US Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Missud v. Wayne LaPierre. He thrice illegally refused to docket it because it prove$ how Wayne already bought-off District Judge Al$up and SEVEN OTHER 9th Circuit Judge$ who TODAY will be on the panel deciding Peruta.


$COTU$ Writ for Review of 14-16509 Criminally-Proving that Federal Judge$ are Participating in 18 USC §1091 Genocide Along with Wayne LaPierre and his Murder-for-Money (and Hobb$ Act Kick-Back$) NRA

John Robert$ neither wants to get Executed for Treason nor Genocide. He already interfered with USPS delivery of at least three other Writs, -also criminally-proving that judge$ like him $ell order$ to the highest corporate bidder$. Johnny violates 18 USC §§1341 every time he tampers with the mail to further criminal acts like concealing that federal judge$ are $elling order$ to Wayne LaPierre. Writ of 14-16509 is stuffed in tracked Signature Confirmed package #2306 1570 0000 4540 7921 which he stopped in his own back yard yesterday:

Robert$ has a knack for making such packages disappear, u-turn, bounce to and fro between post offices to defeat timeliness, or get sent back to sender. Robert$ play$ “hear, $ee, and $peak no evil” for the corporate $pecial intere$t$ like a real pro. The Koch Brother$ couldn't do any better. Since John "Traitor" Robert$ doesn’t want to docket this 13th criminally-proven Writ that will absolutely get him Executed for Genocide, I’m uploading & publishing it right here so that everybody like the FBI, DOJ’s- Criminal Division & Public Corruption Unit, and USPS Inspector General can get copies (and track package 7921 down).

Before getting Robert$ his hot-seat on “Old Sparky” next week, on May 14th of this week I further set-up his 9th Circuit Moron$ one last time. I want Johnny to have company for his 440-volt extravaganza. On June 16th the Moron$ plan on $elling Wayne and hi$ NRA yet another deci$ion right after Oral Argument in and for Peruta v. San Diego: .

Wayne want$ to buy-off the En-Banc judge$’ newest order that will $ay that concealed-carry is a great idea throughout California because nuts like Elliot Rodger can and will buy three guns each, and then bring them to UCSB to shoot-up the campus and kill 6 coeds. The hundreds of thousands of additional high-profit-margin gun$ $old by Glock, $ig $auer, and Remington will make them million$ of dollar$$$$. Those 18 Y-O adolescent males (like me at that age), and mentally-defective guys like Rodger (like me if I have to do this bullshit much longer) will then bring them to parties, have a few beers, show off to their friends, get pissed-off for some dumb reason, and start ‘capping’ each other. Great fucking idea!

To prevent that carnage from happening, lots and lots of law enforcement agencies throughout the Golden State filed Amicus Briefs in Peruta. Sheriffs don’t want the judge$ to $ell Wayne another corrupt order. Police Chiefs don’t want the judge$ to $ell Wayne another corrupt order. District Attorneys don’t want the judge$ to $ell Wayne another corrupt order. California’s Dept. of Justice doesn’t want the judge$ to $ell Wayne another corrupt order. Nobody with any sense, and who’s on the front lines of California’s civil war, want the judge$ to $ell Wayne another corrupt order. That however, won’t be enough because Wayne has lots of money to buy the absolutely judicially immune judge$’ next corrupt order.

To prevent that high-crime from happening, I also motioned to file my Amicus Brief in and for Peruta. Here it is…..

Thereafter, I couldn’t help but put the dopey Circuit judge$ back on the hook. I filed a Conditional Motion for Writ of Review notifying the dolt$ that Johnny “Grand Pooh-Bah Robert$” would get my $COTU$ Petition if the Circuit’$ Court Je$ter$ didn’t reconsider $aving corrupt Di$trict Je$ter Al$up from the gas chamber. I warned them all that if they didn’t stop concealing their own 18 USC §201 Corruption and §1962 Racketeering that I’d set-up Grand Pooh-Bah for execution.

$ince the dopey judge$ wanted to dig their graves even deeper, I obliged them. I filed a Response to their fraudulent $elf-$erving Order explaining how easy it is to catch dumb-a$$ judge$ in lie$ because they simply aren’t bright. In college, judge$ mostly took philosophy, political science, or criminal justice courses and pondered the meaning of life while pounding beers. On the other hand, their friends with intelligence studied math, science, journalism, accounting, or went to trade schools to learn useful skills. Judge$ who are dumb & lazy; and $ell their order$ to murderers like Wayne LaPierre, are easily set-up for conviction under the highest of crimes including Treason & Genocide which prescribe the death penalty.

9th Circuit, Criminally-Proven Appeal 14-16509
Al$up was thrice-caught deep in Wayne’s pocket$ and therefore needed lots of help. I knew he’d get that help from his higher court colleague$ who al$o love it when Wayne and hi$ NRA get sued because they can parlay that ‘action’ with even more greenback$. I submitted In Forma Pauperis, and filed my Appellant’s Brief pleading to criminal standards & showcasing Al$up’$ many violations of the simplest rules & codes. The Circuit’$ O’$cannlain and Berzon quickly demanded $505 to make me go away, required me to supply them with a Response to their Order, and even reminded me that if I paid the money and provided a Response, they’d cover for their corporate-bought colleague and there was nothing I could do about it since they’re all above the law and can murder thousands of people to line their own pocket$.

Al$up then violated as many local rules, civil procedures, and civil rights as po$$ible to make sure nothing interfered with the billion$ the NRA rake$-in yearly by peddling guns to anyone who can hold them. [Note that having eyes isn’t even required:]. A brief list of brazen violations of basic & sacrosanct civil rights that Al$up intentionally eradicated on behalf of the mighty murder-for-money NRA in C:14-1223 include that he: (1) delayed registering my over-the-counter pleadings so that the NRA could have a first look at them to quickly cobble responses; (2) allowed the NRA to electronically-register later-filed pleadings before my earlier-filed ones so they could be heard 1st in time to defeat my motions; (3) locked me out of PACER so I couldn’t access the District’s docket or download NRA pleadings or court order$; (4) locked me out of ECF so I couldn’t quickly file pleadings or timely register them on the docket; (5) physically barred my access to the District clerk’s counter by requiring a security escort which sometimes wasn’t available for hours or the day; (6) ordered security to prevent me from using court computers to access PACER and keep me in the dark on the day that the NRA got it$ corporate-bought di$mi$$al; (7) intentionally delayed notifying me of the 4-24-14 order to dismiss the NRA from suit by 5 days until 4-29-14 to allow the NRA to finish its annual convention [See the court’$ very own dockets 29-1 and 30-1]; (8) granted the NRA’s motion to relate two federal-claims cases to a state-claim case thereby illegally mixing federal apples with a state orange; (9) summarily dismissed the broader state claims based on the much narrower federal claims feigning Res Judicata although the state claims were never before seen, analyzed, or addressed in the slightest; (10) failed to provide any substantive analysis or reasoning in any of his three di$mi$$al$ of the NRA thereby violating SCOTUS precedent in McCutcheon which per John Roberts requires at least 3 paragraphs of reasoning in each case; (11) intentionally ignored Circuit holdings from Peruta on proper procedure when analyzing Constitutional rights to in$tead rig a dismissal for the mighty NRA; (12) purposely flaunted SCOTUS holdings in McCutcheon to di$mi$$ the NRA from C:14-1223 without a single word of reasoning; (13) gave the NRA every advantage during prosecution while eradicating over a half-dozen of my fundamental rights to railroad di$mi$$al for the multi-billion-dollar consortium of gun manufacturer$ which need cover from the federal judiciary to maintain its monopoly of legalized murder; (14) illegally foreclosed a Circuit Appeal in direct violation of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, not to mention my absolute Constitutional right to petition grievances; and ….. dozens more. Now $ee Docket #29, Al$up’$ Order to di$mi$$ which he signed & entered on April 24th, -the $ame day that Wayne’s Annual NRA convention $tarted. However, know that Al$up and Wayne planned on illegally late-serving it by five day$ -after Wayne wa$ done spreading arm$ and death throughout Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and neighboring states. What a coincidence!

Once back in his corporate-friendly (and bought) federal court, Wayne'$ $henanigans started almost immediately. He electronically-filed his fraud-based Motion to Relate and Quickly Dismi$$ through ECF & with pdf, but not before I physically filed my paper motion simply requesting to: be fairly & equally treated; and have my ECF access reinstated so I could also file pleadings as quickly through ECF. Wouldn’t you know it, even though I filed my motion over the counter and before Wayne’s, Wayne cut in line and got hi$ pleading regi$tered before mine! Wayne must have a $eason pa$$ that allow$ him and his multi-billion-dollar, Citizen$-United, corporate $pecial intere$t$ to have preferential treatment and much, much better acce$$ to our 'court$ of law.' What’s all that Constitutional nonsense about due process & equality when the only paper that matters comes printed on 2x6 inch rectangles featuring crotchety men's faces?

Removed Federal Case 14-cv-1223-WHA [“cv” for Civil Action]
Now do you see where a Civil Rights case is supposed to be properly filed? When I try to file it, Wayne give$ Al$up a bag of money to call it an “Other” case and then add it to hi$ “Miscellaneous Calendar” to fly under the radar. But when Wayne want$ a criminally-proven state Civil Rights action di$mi$$ed in federal court, he a$k$ the $ame federal judge already bought-off to hide a pair of “Other” actions, to properly put it on hi$ Civil Calendar and relate it to the “Others” he already di$mi$$ed for bag$ of NRA ca$h. $ee Al$up’$ NRA-bought order$ for C:14-1223-WHA [“C” for Civil Action] at:

Even more amusing is that Wayne asked Al$up to "relate" the 3rd much broader State Civil Rights action & claims to two "Other" cases based in much narrower federal civil rights; and then $ummarily di$mi$$ the never before seen state claims based in "res judicata" as if already seen and considered. And who say$ money can't buy ju$tice?

Criminally-Proven State Case CGC-14-536370; Missud v. Wayne LaPierre et al.
They say that the “third time is a charm.” Well, they’re wrong! Since I knew that John Robert$’ 9th District Court wa$ in Wayne LaPierre’$ pocket, I decided to file an altogether different Civil Rights case in state court regarding violations of California’s State Constitution. You should read that cumbayah document. It enlarges federal fundamental rights to even include “obtaining safety and happiness.” If you read through to the end you’ll probably even find the right to clam-bake & hug trees. In any case, none of these much broader state law claims (what's happiness?) were considered by Al$up, so I should've been able to redress this new set of grievances in a much fairer state court where my due process & equal protections would be honored. NOT SO FAST HOMBRE!! Wayne ha$ lot$ o’ money, so you’re shit-out-of luck. Wayne removed this state case to federal court based in diversity and subject matter jurisdiction despite that the new claims were based in California's State Constitution: [Type in case number 536370 to get the docket for CGC-14-536370].

Re-Filed, Criminally-Proven Case 13-mc-80263 that Al$up Wanted to Bury
After federal judge Al$up did Wayne LaPierre’$ corporate-bidding in 80213, and the NRA’$ consortium of multi-billion-dollar $pecial intere$t$ got Al$up to eradicate every fundamental right except for the 2nd Amendment, I re-filed the criminally-proven Civil Rights suit excluding any judge$ as Defendants. That was the main (and only) sticking point with 80213 (especially since the claims were criminally-proven when filed). Therein I again detailed how John Robert$ had to take original jurisdiction over the case since the 9th District and all it$ dirty judge$ were bought-off by the NRA so they could all a$$a$$inate my neighbor$ for the sake of corporate profit$. Wouldn’t you know it, judge Billy Al$up took another NRA corporate pay-off to keep those billion$ flowing, and Johnny Robert$ refu$ed to save 30,000 Americans from Genocide. See Al$up'$ 2nd Round of Hobb$ Act corruption and corporate-bought order$ at:

18 USC §1091 Genocide
“Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time of war and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such (1) kills members of that group; (2) causes serious bodily injury to members of that group; (4) subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part, can be punished with death.”

Official$’ Participation in Genocide
Official$ throughout the nation can’t pa$$-up Wayne LaPierre’s ca$h or NRA riche$. The NRA is a multi-billion-dollar con$ortium of $pecial intere$t$ which $omehow alway$ convince$ legislators ‘$ee things their way' and to pa$$ corporate-friendly legi$lation. Political candidates who a$$i$t the NRA’$ genocidal plans to flood the nation with high-profit guns get $upport, while those who try to limit the free-for-all and $ell-gun$-at-any-co$t (including human lives) get beat-down: and

Judge$’ Participation in Genocide
Similarly throughout the federal court$, whenever there’s a challenge to the 2nd Amendment, judge$ take NRA ca$h kick-back$ to a$$i$t Wayne in hi$ Genocidal plan to flood inner-city communities with easy-to-get guns so that mostly minorities and black and brown can shoot each other. 30,000 people every year are either slaughtered and commit suicide with a gun because Wayne and hi$ corporate-bought judge$ made it that way and orche$trated 18 USC §1091 Genocide of mostly black and brown men.

THIS WEBPAGE IS DEAD-ICATED to getting federal judge$ Convicted of and then Executed for Genocide
Find below pleadings and official court documents proving how Wayne and hi$ NRA-bought judge$ William Al$up, Darmuid O’$cannlain, Marsha Berzon, Edward Leavy, Mary Murguia, Consuelo Callahan, and Chief Ju$tice $idney Thoma$: violated the simplest court rules; eradicated the most basic civil procedures; trounced every fundamental right other than the 2nd Amendment; physically locked a federal informant out of court; electronically locked a 5-year federal mole out of ECF; and then flat-out lied to give Wayne what he wanted. The Citizen$-United corporate-bought judge$ gave Wayne'$ murder-for-money NRA the unfettered ability to cause the slaughter of over 30,000 people every year in the United States. Adolph Hitler couldn't have been any prouder of Goebbels, Himmler, or Goering:

CIVIL RIGHTS CASE (not a bull$hit miscellaneous case) 13-mc-80213
I simply wanted to file a Civil Rights case on the public docket explaining how only the 2nd Amendment seems to be $upported by judge$, -and despite all other Amendments like the 1st, 5th, and 14th which guarantee little things like: petitioning grievances; right to safety and life; due process; equal protections; and even more rights to life. You see, after a neighbor was gunned-down across the street from where I lived, two more slaughtered a block from my business’ storage facility, and lots of random gun shots right after Wayne LaPierre’$ Gun $how come$ into town just a mile from both my home and business, I figured I had really good cause to: petition my grievance, assert my and neighbors’ safety, expect that I’d be heard, and place my wife’s life on equal footing as all of Wayne’$ pro-2nd Amendment citizens'. Little did I know that since Wayne and hi$ mighty NRA have gob$ of money, they can $ell as many gun$ a$ they want to $laughter my neighbors and put my wife’s life in peril. No sooner was my criminally-proven Civil Rights case filed on the public docket, did judge Al$up whi$k if off, call it an “Other” ca$e, and put it on hi$ “miscellaneous calendar” for reaaaaaallllly quick di$mi$$al [and Wayne’$ pay-off [in ju$t $ix day$$$$]]: